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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


wao amazing feature :heart_eyes:


These are 2 comments posted about a month ago here Test your skills on Fiverr and show the results on your profile (Beta)

I have noticed some bugs during the English to German test. It gave me 5 wrong answers to pick from,

I have noticed the same issue for the french test.

I’m also offering translation services and it won’t make me happy to be the one to confirm these comments through the English to Spanish test.

Moreover, in the same thread @carineb posted the image referring to the instructions, being the first one, that there could be more than one correct answer. Now, as seen through @mjensen415 post, the translation skill test relates, among others, to verbs, articles and verb tenses.

Can anyone please tell me how on earth a translation regarding verb tenses or articles - just to mention these 2 - can have more than one correct answer? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:

Since the day Fiverr made the test available for me I have been thinking whether to take it or not… and the more I think about it, the less I like it :smirk:


I never cared for skills tests and the last skill tests I took related to my actual discipline did not test my skill but my knowledge of a program that I used of which a majority of the features I never used before. The only test that seemed close to relevant was my knowledge of English and grammar. Still don’t like the idea of tests to determine one’s proficiency within a particular discipline.


We shouldn’t care and buyer never care, actually nobody give a F about this little test, no benefit to buyer or seller. I have no idea why they always doing this kind of new feature which benefit less than 1% of the users on the platform.

Do something or at least fix your bugs, turning to the right direction is more importrant then copying competitors platform idea and tell yoru user: “Hey! We got that too now, let’s have a try and we sure you’ll like it”.

Thanks but no thanks.

Why not 'Hey, we have new payment partner or we can clear your payment is less than 3 days with NO CHARGEBACK Possible because we are big enough to bargain with PP now."

That kind of feature I want to see fiverr giving.


Well, that’s why I’m asking and as I said above, just mentioning 2 examples.

There’s only one correct answer to translate “I have been working all day long” and “They have been working all day long”, and that would be “He estado trabajando todo el día” and “Han estado trabajando todo el día”. There’s no other way! You can omit the subject - in Spanish the subject can be tacit - but the verb tense is just one!

The same is true for articles. “The pencils are green” and “The pencil is red” can only be translated as “Los lápices son verdes” and “El lápiz es rojo”.


I cant find any skill test option anyone help?


I would also like to see this kind of improvements. There are more important issues to be solved rather than rolling out beta skill tests… :roll_eyes:


Have seen this on some profiles, was wondering how it works, now got it, i guess there will be tests for wordpress related subcategories too, will be waiting


I’ve just read that a Pro seller has failed one of these tests due to (apparently) long-standing problems like incorrect answer choices with the test provider.

On this note, it seems that to earn seller and buyer trust, Fiverr has:

  • Not researched the best test provider to use on the site
  • Thrown money arising from seller commission and buyer fees on a service with known flaws
  • Decided to give itself a pat on the back for the trouble while ignoring the herd of elephant sized bugs stomping round everywhere.

If Fiverr was one of its own sellers that would be a 1-star review.

Also, if buyers don’t read gig descriptions, what makes anyone think that they are going to read test scores?

Hint: Buyers like reviews, an easy to use UI, low fees, and shopping carts. It’s not rocket science.


Oh, the irony, On another note, haven’t been seeing you around on the forums much. Hopefully, works been keeping ya busy?


Unacceptable Experience.


So, basically, old Fiverr. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah, I forgot. It doesn’t matter if we get 1-star reviews anymore because it’s impossible to figure out what anything means. - There’s always just one star anyway.

How silly of me.


I’ve just read that a Pro seller has failed one of these tests due to (apparently) long-standing problems like incorrect answer choices with the test provider.

Were there other problems than all incorrect answers shown for questions and if so do you know what they were? At least 60% right answers should mean a pass.


Amazing! I don’t have that feature yet. I can’t wait for it to work for my category! :heart_eyes:


Will 100% pass get me automatic entry as a Pro :slight_smile: . There’s always one isn’t there


It might be good… but Fiverr should be Fiverr… not upwork or some other platform … All of these changes are bad on the long run … at least in my opinion.


I like the fact that the tests are optional and that the seller can choose to display or hide his scores.

I am concerned by two things:

  1. Each tests is 40 minutes long- that’s a very long time! A 5 to 10 minutes test can be just as effective. Remember that some sellers are multi-talented and will need to take several tests.

  2. Will our clients demand we take the tests for them to order? I would hate to hear, “sorry, you can’t proofread my article until you pass the Oxford English Test.”

I suppose if I deliver all my orders and have nothing to do, I can take one of the tests. I’m just concerned with the complaints that the tests may be defective.

I took a look at the Copywriter test (you can look at the syllabus before taking the test) and saw this:

  • Copyright issues
  • Microsoft word 2010 fundamentals
  • Other types of writing
  • Poetry
  • Technical writing tools and software

Seriously? Copyright issues is for lawyers (although all copywriters are aware of the dangers of plagiarism), we all know how to use Microsoft Word, don’t see how “other types of writing” apply, poetry is rarely used, and only technical writers need technical writing tools and software.

The guy who writes furniture assembly instructions, software instructions, etc, that’s a technical writer. That is not what copywriters do.

In the real world, the only tests copywriters get are projects. “Hi, we need a Facebook Ad to promote our Bridal Expo,” so you create an ad. If they like it, you passed the test.


Each tests is 40 minutes long- that’s a very long time! A 5 to 10 minutes test can be just as effective. Remember that some sellers are multi-talented and will need to take several tests.

The test needs to be completed in 40 mins but you don’t have to spend 40 mins on it. If you can answer the 40 questions faster than that you can spend less time on it. It might take someone a few seconds to answer each question. One of the things on the report is accuracy vs speed analysis, so if you can answer the question accurately a lot faster that should be better.


The other 40 minute tests I have taken elsewhere took me only 6 or 7 minutes to motor through lol :rofl: So, it is perfectly fine imo.

The ones that were the most challenging (for me) took me about 15 minutes… 20 minutes tops.