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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


I am sorry but I don’t agree with comments like these :arrow_up: that a lot of people seem to be making.

In my opinion, just by taking inspiration from something that Fiverr genuinely thinks is going to improve their website… doesn’t make it upwork or some other platform. Fiverr still has its own identity (flawed or otherwise).


yes it’s your opinion … I see that you are a member since June others who have been members for 5-6 years have seen many things around here , you’ll probably have other opinions after 4-5 years who knows


True dat! :smiley: :smile:


Excellent direction! I think this will upgrade the whole quality of the Fiverr platform.


I imagine there might be some buyers like this. But, then again, this would be a case of the market determining the value of a service. If enough people end up making these demands of a seller, that seller might be wise to take said tests in order to keep earning sales. In the end, this may be a a bit of an equalizer, and perhaps something Fiverr has already considered.


Can you imagine showing up on the Pro’s profile only 60% of approval on the test taken ? :flushed: :cold_sweat:


The sellers who can take the tests can decide whether to show the results of the test on their profile. So if someone took the test and passed but their score was 60% correct they don’t have to show it if they don’t want to. They could re-test at a later date.


I really don’t mind taking tests if said tests hadn’t got gaps and flaws. The point is, can Fiverr assure me or anyone of us that’s the case? I think not…


I admire the fact that Fiverr is making these tests available. Beyond buyer confidence, I do see many sellers seeing these tests as a way to improve, or even just analyze their skills, and, for a freelance website, that’s not a bad thing. It gets those sellers thinking about quality, and that’s a VERY good thing.


This is a great opportunity to show case skills, I believe this will help new sellers:grinning:


I do agree with this point of view but still… The problem lies on the tests having gaps, flaws and who knows what other things that will arise soon enough and people will start to complain.


The timing on this testing initiative is very conspicuous, given that Fiverr is pursuing an IPO. This appears to be one way to upgrade the quality of the site, to better qualify for a public offering.


I see what you mean. I probably got confused. Still, if they’re giving us 40 minutes for each test, it means it’s not going to take us 5 or 10 minutes to complete it. I’ve done employment assessment tests and those usually take 20 to 30 minutes.


People will always find something to complain about. The key is to give this some time, see how it goes… then develop feedback. Far too many people these days seem to assume everything will be the worst that it can be, before things have a chance to work themselves out.

The thing is, these tests are voluntary. If they don’t work out perfectly, the only thing any seller has lost is the time they dedicated to taking the test (of which they aren’t being forced to show the results). :wink:


It’s nice idea from the platform.


This is good opportunity seller can prove in their skill that he is expert in their service. But why don’t show this feature my profile?


I just took a test and I had access to many tests that are completely outside of what I do on Fiverr.

Thanks for the note, @mjensen415! It will be interesting to see if this impacts my inquiries and sales. I am wondering if tests passed or high scores can impact how Fiverr ranks you in search results.


wow great …This is good opportunity seller can prove in their skill that he is expert in their service.thank you


wow this will be great for Seller in Fiverr. They can build more trust with Buyer


Talking of which…

Do you know what Fiverr should make mandatory and ASAP? TOS test for sellers & buyers. And this, I mean it !!! :slightly_smiling_face: