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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


Up to 3 times or up to 2 times?

Screenshot of what I see:



Not able to see is it for only few people?



I have already noticed some problems with the French/English translation tests.

I have just tried to pass the Social Media Marketing Test and found a new problem on the first question:

Answers 3 and 4 are the same. None of the answers are correct!
I made a screenshot of the page to send it to CS at the end of the test. Then, I was unable to continue the test. And it’s written that I have failed this test.




I have just passed the Online Marketing test and had the same issue with a question:


what was their reply


It’s well-known since quite long that those tests are faulty. Fiverr could ask the test company for a revision, fixing the errors, or to issue a refund, they might listen rather to a paying customer than to the people who are afflicted with the errors.


great,will be feel nice to take a test to add value to client’s trust !!!


Thanks bro, I will try now!


So after all users have the option to to take the tests (eg. after the few weeks is over), will buyers at some point be given an option to refine searches (maybe in an advanced search?) so it only shows gigs where the seller has passed a particular test, or have passed it with a score above a particular value?


It will be platform specific. i.e.: Photoshop/Illustrator tests showing proficiencies in those programs. Your portfolio should speak to your design experience.


Stay tuned. We’re rolling it out to all sellers slowly. Thank you for the recommendation for the AE Test. I will pass it along.

Skill Test Not showing on my profile

Thanks for your feedback. We know that when a buyer feels more comfortable and trusts that the seller knows what they’re doing, the transaction goes more smoothly. Verified tests help with that trust.

As for bugs and new features. Both can be true at the same time. Fiverr is a large company with many people working to make it better than the day before. We will continue to make as many improvements and fixes based on user feedback as we can.


I like where your head is at… but no. :smiley:


It’s two. My notes were wrong when I was typing up the post. Updated. :smiley:


It is not my place to say what Fiverr should do with these tests. If they don’t want these tests to be mandatory, than I’m okay with that.


80% of the “Whiteboard” category does not use AE, much of the video editing uses FinalCut. In 2D category and in CUSTOM <intro & outro, logo animation> AE is used. In VIDEO category 60-70% are templates.
For example, I am not an English speaker, in many conversations I use Google translator and Grammarly for Chrome, i have communication rating 4.9
Total Completed Orders +22K in video category.
Buyers in this category want to see visual quality. I have many old buyers who are not interested in my grammatical mistakes.
I have * Accepting Custom Orders" turned OFF to avoid this.
Presentation, description and requirements are essential.


In that post @maitasun is saying there should be mandatory TOS tests, and not asking that these particular tests (skills tests) are made mandatory. Though if TOS tests are created it might help if the TOS is made clearer in some parts.


Thanks, that’s right.


This seems silly to me. It is the responsibility of the user to be familiar with the Fiverr TOS, and the consequences of not being familiar are warniings, denied gigs or blocked accounts. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to test people on whether they read the TOS or not. Users have the ability to take responsibility for their own understanding of how the site works.

EDIT: It’s been a long time since I signed up for my Fiverr account, however, don’t most sites have a checkmark box upon sign-up, in which new users can check whether they have read the TOS? Fiverr provides a reminder. It is the fault of the new user if they skip reading the TOS, and falsely mark the check box indicating that they have.


Though it’s not just new users who need to know the terms of service. The TOS keeps getting changed every so often so existing users need to know of the updates too. A test might help ensure everyone is familiar with the current TOS and might help reduce TOS violations and bans.


Agreed! There are a few grey areas in the ToS that may need to be ironed out before the “ToS test” could even be implemented (few might be an understatement).