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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


I like that idea :+1:. That would save a lot of issues ahead of time and I think it would decrease the amount of customer support tickets too.


Just like most things, there is also a flip-side to the ToS test thingie…

In the future, if at all it is implemented, people should not be able to use it as an excuse and after breaking a ToS — be like:

Hey! That was not covered in the ToS quiz, so I had no idea. So, maybe that should have been covered in the questionnaire, too. So, you gotta give me one more chance.

Obviously, Fiverr would not be able to include everything from the ToS in the quiz. Also, the quiz can only act as an additional barrier/hurdle to ensure that people have taken some time out to go through the entire ToS. But, sadly, I have a feeling that this reasoning is not going to deter those people who want to use it as some kind of excuse. It could lead to different kinda complications and the number of customer support tickets might just not decrease at all.

If Fiverr is, somehow, able to prevent this from happening, then I think it will be an A-OK idea.


All they might need to do is at the start/end of the test (or throughout as a line at the bottom of the screen) to add a line like a disclaimer and saying that they still need to fully read the TOS that they agreed to or (for the updated TOS) that they agree by continuing to use the site or something. Basically in the quiz tell them they still need to read & accept the TOS - so they can’t use those excuses.


DING :bell: DING :bell: DING

Exactomundo! :heavy_check_mark:

I hope that keeps those pesky Fiverr users away!


Cool! I hope I have access to the tests soon.


That’s a Great…I will definitely do it


I agree to you!! - Fiverr is sinking ship and trying to survive. in the funny way " they putted the AXE on their own leg by some very BAD decision - like created big difference in their old seller with PRO guys. And the statement 1% from the world - which is funny!!


What if I take the test for the 2nd time and if that mark is lower than the previous attempt? Will the mark on my profile stays the same or getting updated?


I’m afraid of taking the test for Copywriters. The syllabus mentions questions about copyright, poetry, and other things that have nothing to do with being a copywriter.

I think all these tests need to be revised by professionals before being released to the marketplace.

I’m already reading complains like this:

Why did Fiverr release so many tests? Why not release a few and make sure each test is perfect?

I think Customer Service is going to be flooded with complaints about bad test scores, bad questions, etc.


i think, it should be face to face interview for join fiverr as seller :wink:


I’ve already found a lot of the answers (in full) to some of the new tests online. (I have no plans to take any tests). In this case, the problem here isn’t that you don’t know anything about poetry. The problem is that a scammer with a scratch of a brain cell will be able to ace every test. - Meanwhile, legitimate sellers like you will worry about the possibility of failing.


How would this decrease support tickets? People get banned, warned, or get orders cancelled without reason. Then they contact CS to attempt to find out why. Will sellers taking a TOS test suddenly make them psychic?


Having questions such as what is meant by brand management without any correct answers and duplicate answers seems like a situation no one can win. I wonder if the person who wrote that question thinks one of those answers is correct. All the answers relate to managing some aspect of the staff. The term brand management speaks for itself.


Any serious and reputable test should be faultless and driven by higher qualified personnel than the one to be tested. Not by someone who comes in saying to know what to do and how to do it and clearly doesn’t.

If someone takes a test, the least that can expect is to be evaluated by someone better than him/her and through a high quality, faultless test, otherwise, is insulting.


good test result does not always mean you have a very good skill for the particular subject.


In marketing, brand management is the analysis and planning on how that brand is perceived in the market. Developing a good relationship with the target market is essential for brand management . Tangible elements of brand management include the product itself; look, price, the packaging, etc. – from wikipedia

So would the correct answer on the test be:
Managing the marketing budget? That doesn’t quite describe brand management.


I don’t even want to know how many tickets are created on a daily basis with people asking questions to which they could find the answers in the TOS.

Also, there are so many posts on the forum in which users don’t even know the basic rules (no duplicate accounts…no exchange of private info…no spamming etc.)…making it mandatory could prevent a lot of warnings…bans and cancelled orders.


This is great news! Those with actual expertise can get to prove it now :slight_smile:
Good going Fiverr staff!


The problem is that a scammer with a scratch of a brain cell will be able to ace every test.

Though they do have things to help prevent people cheating,

The Secure Browser feature ensures that the candidate doesn’t navigate away from the online test or open any other application or browser tab

If some test answers are online they could also distribute test answers with lots of wrong answers online or they could keep adding new questions to the list of ones that could appear in tests.


Most people have more than one device to access the internet.