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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


Or you could just create your own tests, specific to specific gig categories, and not use identical tests to those already being used by other platforms. - Then you have free reign to change questions and mix things up, should answers ever get leaked online.

Curiously, I wasn’t aware of the company behind these tests until they came to Fiverr. Now I have found 2 freelance marketplaces which don’t use their test format. In this case, it is possible not to use the same tests that other sites are using. You can also offset the cost of creating such tests by requiring users to pay to sit them.

As for the browser locking. This might have been a technological innovation in 1990. Sadly, these days there are people with multiple Internet access devices and so on.


Though Fiverr did start with just the translation tests, and just some members had access to the test. They still haven’t given access to the test to everyone - it’s going to take weeks (which seems quite unfair for the people who have to wait if there’s an advantage to sellers who take the tests and show the test scores). Though maybe you’re right, maybe they could have added more and more tests to the list of available ones. Though they might also have received complaints about certain tests not being available.

About the “Answers 3 and 4 are the same. None of the answers are correct”. It could be an error in data for the test. But could there possibly be another reason (eg. for some reason a possible answer isn’t being retrieved so it re-displays the previous one)? Would the same error occur if you ran the test on the actual test site (assuming this question came up on the test)?


I see an opportunity here for the mother of all bugs.


I think by submitting a demo of a line or two provided by Fiverr. They would be reviewed by a Fiverr VO expert based on sound quality, quality of performance and punctuality. It’s done in a few other places to weed out poor quality.


great , but when will happen this test on our profile .
because i haven’t seen on my profile this kind test


So the original post. They’re “gradually opening up this feature to all sellers over the coming weeks”.
:frowning: Surely they could do it a bit faster - like within 1 week or maybe just a few days (assuming there are no major issues - ie. any current big problems are fixed).


that’s fine .Thank you very much for info us


Great feature, this will make the client aware of what we are really good at.

Nice work


Though these specific tests are all multiple choice and voice over tests aren’t one them, in theory you could also have an automated test that could test certain things about the audio file/waveform (possibly as well as the checks done by a VO expert like you say is done elsewhere). Maybe it could have speech recognition built in, analysing the waveform (eg. frequency analysis/audio spectrum analysis), checking duration, silent segments etc. to see if you’ve followed the instructions that could be partly randomised.


I know a platform where they actually check the deliverable, before the delivery. Of course, that requires staff, and it’s a more specialized platform, so they don’t need specialists from a-z to check.

However, that’s the only thing that would actually be useful for customers. With those standard tests, there’s no guarantee that the seller didn’t cheat, and no guarantee that the seller himself or herself did take the test. Could have been their dog, this is the internet, after all. (which would be okay if then they outsourced all their gigs to their dog, of course, but typically, they’ll outsource to cheaper workers than their dog)

Too expensive, takes too long for a platform as big as Fiverr, sure, unless the fees would cover it. 20% from sellers + 5% from buyers is a pretty sizable chunk, after all. Still, that won’t happen, of course, but even checking 5 (of course) randomly chosen deliverables for correctness/against the order specifications/whatever applicable in the category/for that gig/order would make much more sense for determining whether a seller is able to deliver what their gig promises, which is what counts, after all, for a customer.

If I knew that Fiverr did random quality checks on actual deliveries of sellers more or less regularly, just to pick a number, 5 per year per seller, or something? Yeah, that would inspire some trust in me.

Knowing a seller who sells a gig as an expert in branding was able to tick the right field “Brand management is the analysis and planning on how that brand is perceived in the market.” as the obvious choice among others that don’t make sense at all for almost anyone able to read (oh wait… but anyway, let’s pretend those tests weren’t broken and there was a correct answer for a moment) in a multiple choice test? Not so much.

But yeah, commonly, people don’t know and don’t invest time to know, so you can will them to trust a label they didn’t know how it happened quite easily, I suppose.


Maybe, although I’m not even sure if passing the test leads to any benefits.

Maybe not, at this point, you’re a beta tester if you take the test, and you’ll find bugs that they won’t.

Personally, I don’t have a lot of faith in the tests. How do you tests writers? Just because someone has perfect grammar and spelling doesn’t mean they can write anything worth reading.

The GMAT on the other hand, has an essay portion, that can’t be evaluated by a machine but an actual human being has to read the essay and grade it. I can understand if Fiverr can’t have humans doing that, it’s very expensive.


Maybe we’ll find bugs/errors in the data, but some sellers are already showing scores on their profile.and if there’s a bug or something that gives them an invalid score, they still have the option to not show those results. Sellers with the ability to do the tests could be weeks ahead and at more of an advantage than those who don’t have the test option.

The thing is the tests don’t have to be totally perfect and cover everything to be helpful to buyers (and sellers). There are various methods which could be used to test them (multiple choice, natural language processing, statistical analysis, neural networks? etc.). So while any test won’t totally cover everything (eg. a writer could write great fiction but could be bad at spelling) it should still be useful to buyers etc. and give an idea how well the seller performs in certain areas. One thing I saw was that the tests seem very app-specific whereas if you could deliver what is needed with any method available to you (like using any software, including those that don’t have tests available for them) then that should be just as good.


Sounds good. Will be waiting


There are different tests for writing skills:
Content Writing
Advertisement Writing
Non-Fiction Writing (US)
Non-Fiction Writing (UK)
Article and Blog writing
Business Writing (US)
Business Writing (UK)
Freelance Writing
Web Content Writing
NewsLetter Writing

I am sure that you can pass some of these tests even if you are not a poet :wink:


So when it shows the test results, where it says “of x users tested” is that the number of users tested for that test from Fiverr or in total (for any person doing the test from any of the test company’s clients/customers)? If it’s in total (ie. not just those from Fiverr) and it’s a very low number, maybe it means that that test is so new/so few people have used it that there is a higher chance of errors in it (eg. errors in the data/question answers shown for the multiple choice options) - so that could be why one test had no correct answers shown for one of the test questions (ie. it was a new test and/or one that very few people had completed so far).

Also what does it mean if it says someone is in the “Top 10% of 2 users tested”?
And why does it say " DÉfinitions [score]" instead of “Definitions [score]” in one of the language test results?


Great stuff! Keen to see more development in this space to help people starting off like me.


On my profile i didn’t see that option yet


Well, I took two tests. Got 6.9 out of 10 for Advertising Writing (passed)
9 out of 10 for English.

The advertising writing had a lot of questions that had nothing to do with advertising. Questions about sonnets, stanzas, poetry, copyright, whether only great writers can be bloggers, whether blogs count as writing samples, etc.

At the end of the test, you can provide feedback.

The English test was much better, and maybe tomorrow I’ll try the English Spelling test.

Each test took me 20 to 30 minutes to do.


It makes me wonder if the people making up the tests even know anything about some subjects.


Great thinking of fiverr. We can Publish our merit by skill test exam.