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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


Take a test, earn trust

It’s a metric.
No matter if you decide to publish your results of not, Fiverr will analyze the results and at some point will use them.


These tests are not created by Fiverr but by Expert Rating.
What I know about SEO test is that they use Google guidelines. Questions/Answers are word for word copies of Google guidelines. They don’t need to be SEO experts, they just need to know who is the expert or the most relevant source of information.
I am sure that they use the same technique for many topics.


I knew the tests weren’t made by fiverr, but it sounds like the test for brand management was made by someone who thinks it’s like staff management of some kind. They only recognized the word management.

And the one for advertisement writing thinks it’s important to have a knowledge of poetry, as if they don’t know what it is. They only understood the word writing.


Great. Would love to participate in test


The test for brand management was missing the correct answer and was showing 2 duplicated wrong answers for the last 2 entries. I don’t think it means the company thought brand management was something it wasn’t - I think it was just that there was some error somewhere (eg. because of the duplication). So they would probably normally show just 1 correct answer and the rest of the options would be incorrect, but due to an error the correct answer wasn’t shown.

And the one for advertisement writing thinks it’s important to have a knowledge of poetry, as if they don’t know what it is. They only understood the word writing

If you look on the web there are sites and at least one course that says that knowing poetry techniques can be helpful in copywriting.


And it’s happening in every single test.

This takes away any seriousness the tests - or the company that makes them - can have.


You get 2 duplicated wrong answers and no correct answer when you take every test? Or are you assuming this is the case? Have you completed any tests and passed them?

If it does occur for every test you do you could create a support ticket for it.


I haven’t taken any test because, since a month ago, I’ve been reading all the flaws that are within.

However, everyone who has taken them, do report the same issues no matter what category they apply to.

EDIT: Some posts above, I posted the comments shown by 2 translators and the link to the thread.


can’t wait to try this :star_struck:


Okay so this error is not actually happening in “every single test”?
Or if it is could you link to any evidence of it actually happening in every single test (the duplicated wrong answer and no correct answer, or just no correct answer, in every single test)?

edit: the quote mentioned 2 people using 2 translation tests.That doesn’t mean it happens in every single test though.


Well, it has been reported on translations and here, on social media marketing and Pro’s failing to pass (but @cyaxrex didn’t mention the category). @fastcopywriter reported having issues and barely passed (I think it was) the copywrite test.

This is not serious and will only lead to complains and frustation for everybody.

Would it be OK for you to barely pass a test on what you’re an expert or a professional? For sure, it won’t be OK for me!


As I said in my first comment, it won’t make me happy to confirm those comments through the English to Spanish translation test. And that’s why since I got the test available for me, I kept thinking about taking it and as I said, the more I think, the less I like!


I’ve not seen any pros mention that they failed to pass. But they didn’t mention this particular error (at least not that I have seen). fastcopywriter didn’t mention seeing this particular error, just that there were topics that he didn’t think should be covered in copywriting (such as poetry, and copyright etc. - though other sites/courses will disagree with that. Having knowledge of both could be helpful in copywriting - see other sites, and will also help avoid legal trouble).

So saying the “duplicated wrong answer with no correct answer” error occurs in “every single test” seems to be incorrect statement.

No it wouldn’t. But I’ve not seen anyone barely pass the test because of this particular error (though one got a zero score - maybe due to trying to take & send screenshots while the test was running?) but as the tests mention the subjects it will be about, at least I’d know that before I took the test (so I could ensure I knew as much as possible about those subjects). And even if I got a low score I could decide not to show the results and to retake the test at a later date. Though like someone said, the results will still be known to Fiverr and they could still use that info even if I don’t display it.

How do I reach the tests?

I didn’t say Pro’s mentioned it themselves. I refered to @cyaxrex comment about happening but he didn’t give much details as I said before.

I also didn’t say @fastcopywriter reported the same error, I said he stated to barely pass the test he took.

It would be nice if you took the test - when available for you - and give us all your experience on it.


I will as soon as it’s available. But it might be weeks before it’s available to me :frowning:

I think the main issue is the error where no correct answer is shown. Apart from that, no test will be perfect. So they could improve the tests and create more/better tests but they are just a guide to the buyer (and Fiverr) about how well you know different subjects. They’re not the only thing the buyers will make use of when deciding whether to buy a gig etc. and they won’t be the only thing Fiverr make use of (eg. in searches/gig display).


I’m not quite sure that’s the only one! Pllease excuse me for quoting myself

Sorry to disagree on this.

Any serious test MUST be perfect and anyone who makes them MUST know what they’re doing and review them to detect if there are any flaws or gaps or whatever!

PS. some posts above, I left you a comment on your edit as I didn’t see it while I was answering you.


I mean… When many buyers weren’t even bothered to check the all time reviews of sellers just by hovering the mouse over the review count, I would be very surprised if they cared about their sellers’ test scores (I mean… They would have to open their profile and scroll down a little. Jeez. Too much of a hassle). :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t find this feature in my profile. How Can I apply?


:arrow_up: This should give you the answer. @harshanasrimal


Can anyone please tell me how on earth a translation regarding verb tenses or articles - just to mention these 2 - can have more than one correct answer ? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

If you look at instructions (shown in that thread) that I assume appear on every test (regardless of subject), it says “Each question has between 2 and 8 options; one or more may be correct”. It doesn’t say that that particular test will contain questions with more than one correct answer. So the instructions don’t say that every test question will contain multiple correct answers.

Any serious test MUST be perfect

I meant that a test can’t cover every topic absolutely completely. There will always be some aspect it can’t cover. Especially if the test is a multiple choice test. There may not be a way to make a perfect multiple choice test that can completely test someone’s skills in eg. graphic design, writing (eg. fiction) or something.