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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


I think what she means by a test being “perfect” is that it should, at the very least, be free of these “duplicate errors” and the other issues with selecting the right answer (that people seem to be having).


Well, so by argumentum a contrario, here is the answer to the “no correct answer shown” error.

Unfortunately, there’s no option for “none of them are correct”.


The use of the word “may be” there makes the statement extra vague. You could also interpret the statement as stating their lack of confidence in the answer having one or more correct answers. Which could mean that the statement could also be interpreted as:

There may even be questions which don’t have one or more correct answers (meaning there might even be questions with zero correct answers).


I have had this issue with 3 different tests and only have this problem with the first question. So, I think that it’s an error due to technical issues. I will try other tests soon and will use google chrome (I usually use firefox) because I know that CS will tell me to use Chrome!
I have noticed this issue only once in a test. So, if someone failed the test it’s not due to this error :wink:

I have noticed questions with multiple answers (not in translation tests). When you can choose 2 or 3 answers the shape between the answer is not a round but a square. And sometines the questions are very clear to indicate that 2 or more answers are required. I.e : “which are the 2 reasons…” or "select the wrong answers


That’s why I said that unfortunately there’s no option to choose “none are correct” for, using “may”, is the very basic of argumentum a contrario of a statement.


You should take the english-spanish and spanish-english tests to differenciate you from the google translators and those who pretend to be native from 4 or 5 countries!
I haven’t spoken spanish during the last 20 years and passed the test! So, I am sure that you will have a very good score if you are a native.
I personaly think that every sellers who sell proofreading, translation and writing services should take translation or vocabulary tests to show that they master the language. That doesn’t prove that they are good at what they do, but it is more reassuring that showing no test score!

Many buyers also complain about logo or graphic sellers who have a really broken english. I am sure that a logo seller with a good score in vocabulary, grammar or other language tests would attract some clients who already had some issues due to the language.

But every seller has to decide what is best for him…


Thanks for the advice! I’ll think about it! :blush:

I’ll be giving it a little more time to see how these tests perform on the rest of the categories.


Hi! Is there any Digital Marketing related tests?


You can see the different tests here (previously posted):

There’s an internet marketing test and other marketing tests. You can just search that page (eg. for “marketing”).


oh, Thanks. I will wait and lets see.


Ok, it’s the same tests used by UpWork, but I can’t see the test section in my profile… Seems to be rolling slowly, will wait and see!


Another great feature by Fiverr. Much Appreciated…:ok_hand::+1:


It will be great. Getting trust will boost our sales :heart_eyes:


Yes, I got a 6.9 on the copywriting test, which is ridiculous for someone with over 10-years of experience as an advertising copywriter. Most of the questions had nothing to do with writing actual copy, headlines, slogans, e-mails, TV and radio commercials, or even the history of advertising.


I did the photoshop test and just managed to pass with 6.2.
Even though I’ve been using photoshop since it first came out I still probably only use about 30% of its features.


I am back to keep you informed.
I have tried with Google Chrome. Answers 3 and 4 were the same for the first question (none of these answers were correct).
I have sent a message to CS with screenshots.


Can’t wait for it to be rolled out in the other category. Will there be language tests? Like English proficiency? Sounds basic, but many sellers have problems in that department, and buyers would want to know.


Awesome features love to do the test


Nice. Basic test for each skill. :space_invader:


This is good opportunity seller can prove in their skill that he is expert in their service.