Take care for new arrival at fiverr


I have 2 years experience in Graphics design. but here no one ask . I think here is no time for new sellers.

Remember new seller will provide excellent service and will respect the client and he will do exactly what client say and he will try to make it better. so try newer at fiver. one thing I noted here that newer return work within time and before the time, he does not make lame excuses. best of luck.


You cannot speak for all!!! Just be patient. Promote your gig and check out buyer requests maybe you will be able to land gig that way.

Good luck anyways :slight_smile:


Yes you are right, the new seller always provide services on time, because thy are try to promote yourself, and satisfy buyers, and also want to get a positive feedback, why they are deliver the buyer work at time,…? because they are new and they have only one or two orders an queue so they have much time to do …best of luck…


Every buddy want to provide best services to client us not new or old. Just client will buy what he or she like.

If your gig good … samples are good . images for gig are good … description and tag proper. then you can attract the buyer. i was new 2 month before . i never got any problem here to get work . Just working hard and make gig proper you will get allot sell.

Thank You


Reply to @mallika255: agree with you.


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