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Take care with Starting Buyers


Most of us here on Fiverr are professionals but we must take care of cases where the client just had an idea to make money online with no knowledge of what the hack they really want.

In fact you will quick see this problem just asking: Could you please provide your business or product core values, info and goals? If the answer is something like “earn more money” or “get clients”. You may be entering a war zone.

If you realize that your potential client is giving a shot in the dark, try to guide him/her to make a business plan and I will tell you why to do this:

Clients that can’t answer the basic 3 questions about their own business are lost and you will be the one to blame if your gig don’t pull-up something “magical” since you will play of guessing.

Other thing you must be aware is that this type of client will give you a lot of work and probably no recognition. Bad reviews for sure.

So, make sure to have the client’s ready and clear with your offered results. Don’t let them change the gig’s including more things and if you do, charge for it.

The client want a complete web marketing but:

  1. They don’t know how to explain their own service, product or business;
  2. Take a look at the competition. I found clients trying to sale unsalable services since their “idea” was around for years and with a lot of other companies or professionals doing this;
  3. The product or service is lame.