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Take off The Wraps!

Hi everyone!
I’m a learner. I love to write. I want to be a great writer. But I had experienced a lot in writing. I used to write on fictions and science article. The most preferable way of writing is digital. Some of my writing is published by various websites. I’m new here. It’s my pleasure to join such a big Fiverr family!

If you want you can check my gigs and maybe give me a few tips to maximize my potential

Thank you in advance, have a good day!


Hi! Welcome to Fiverr, i wish you good luck!


Thanks. Good Luck to you too…

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What does that even mean? Wrapes is not even an English word.

Excellent command of the English language, spelling, and grammar are some of the most basic prerequisites for a writer. Unfortunately, you seem to be lacking them.

Your Fiverr profile, as well as your gig descriptions, is full of grammatical errors. The following sentences have several errors in them, too:

Think about this:

If you are not even capable of creating a profile/gig description that’s free of grammatical errors, what makes you think prospective buyers would have the confidence to purchase from you?

I’m sorry, but unless you improve your English language skills, I only foresee a bleak future ahead of you on Fiverr.

@cyaxrex Yep, cuz of Easter and spring breaks. :wink:


I think the OP might have meant ‘wraps’ but caught the E key with the S?

As a fellow sausage finger sufferer, I can sympathize! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks sir. Thanks for the compliments. Actually it was my first post and I was a little bit confuse with the guidelines and already reject for mentioning others resources [ link ] in my post. So, I just try a sample post with sharing my gigs.

Actually, I am sorry for that.


Actually it was my mistake. I forget to revised my Topics’ title.

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:rofl: he he he…yeah right finger sufferer…


Wow. Was the shooting range closed today? :wink:

Anyway, sorry to say it OP, but it’s all true. You might want to brush up your writing skills a wee bit before you try selling them. :thinking:


Yeah. Kind of that, actually. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Some people always try to judge other people skills, it feels great to get a judge for free. But the matter of regret that my welcome message to Fiverr is judge brutally. I never post to show my creativity through my post. But here emotions judge by words nor hearts, I found it so. Hope my skills, as well as my creativity, isn’t judge by my post. Go to my gigs and see my attachments. By the way thanks to all.

I’m sorry to sound harsh here, but since you did post your comments along with the link to your gig, it is open for discussion along with some constructive criticism.
People will judge your skills based on what you post/present to us here at the forum, and even though I am not a writer myself, I can tell your writing skills needs a bit more work, at least in English that is.
You said at the very top that you need a few tips, and even though you might not like what you are reading, those tips up there are pretty important and true…


Thanks. You are right. I am from Bangladesh.

According to Wikipedia,
The official and de facto national language of Bangladesh is Modern Standard Bengali (literary Bengali). It serves as the lingua franca of the nation, with 98% of Bangladeshis fluent in Bengali (including dialects) as their first language. English, having no official status, is prevalent across government, law, business, media, and education and can be regarded as the de facto co-official language of Bangladesh.

Academic Status of Bangladesh
We passed a huge time of our education life in exercising Bangla Language. While students entered into the graduation in the university, they faced books of Robert L. Boylestad ( who is the Author of Introductory Circuit Analysis, an assistant dean in the Thayer School of Engineering of Dartmouth College. ), Resnick and Krane and Raymond Murphy. It is hard to maintain a balance with new sentences and clauses. But, students crossed a tough time in their academic career. During my graduation, I was a columnist of daily on our varsity campus. Often people write articles in our native language. But I try to write articles in English.

Professional Status of Bangladesh
The present age is called the age of information. Mass media are the powerful and the most effective instruments of spreading and sharing information. With the advancement of digital technology, mass media have become a powerful and quick means of communication, of broadcasting news and views, of disseminating ideas and making information available anywhere in the world. The means of communicating news and information is termed as mass media. Mess media is classified into two categories e. g. print media and electronic media. Print media include newspaper, magazines, journals and other printed materials, while electronic media include radio, television, satellite channels, internet, cinema, etc. Most of our mass media are in Bangla Language. Even our professional life is less interacts with English.

Last but not least
I always try my best while I write anything in English. Even, I try my best to present my best. I know there might be lacking in my efforts and it is major. But I try to overcome all my lacking and make my efforts to the stairway of success. Thanks to everyone.

@junayedsunny8 Why did you paste a Wikipedia article? Just curious.

@erdostamasa Because I lose my confidence in writing anything.