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Take opportunity that COVID-19 gives you

Coronavirus is now changing our daily lives. Instead of worrying about negatives, I encourage you to turn it into something positive.

Many people now are switching to remote job, schools are getting closed, we are in most cases spending a lot of time in home.

This means that you have now more time than ever to get ahead in your life, doesn’t mean if its developing your business on Fiverr or something else.

But bro i work in travel industry and now I don’t get any sales at all… - So what? You can start something new as you have additional time now.

If you are:

  • Writer - you can start a blog
  • Logo Designer - you can create new graphics and sell online
  • Game Creator - you can start working on game that you was thinking about many times
  • Anybody - you can start a business

Just don’t waste that time watching netflix and eating pizzas :wink:


I’m betting coronavirus prevention infographics are where the money at right now.


In Poland being sick can now be business. Our first infected man is now celebrity, giving interviews and tips. Not really funny but many people here are pissed off about it.


Maybe also videos that inform about it.

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I would love to see you branch out at this time Miss Lena.

A agree that now is a good time to think of new gigs to offer in keeping with your abilities.

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Oh, it looks like I’ll have to. Something’s telling me that public event posters won’t be selling very well in the nearest future.


I hope to see any logo samples you may have and you can send me them if you feel like it. :smiley_cat:

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Hey, that’s not a waste of time! :smile_cat:


By the way i design and packaging and capsules pack of COVID-19 and through fiverr

Wow. Designing covid-19 capsules and selling them on Fiverr during a pandemic. That is pretty bold.


Someone has grabbed this opportunity and is selling a package of face masks for $100, delivery in 24 hours.

There are a lot of people that benefit by coronavirus.

I just bought two containers of isopropyl alcohol for a high price.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful thing.

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truth is stranger than fiction

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In some countries you’ll get paid thousands if you allow doctors to do tests with you, if you have the virus or allow you to be infected :scream:

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Well said brother :heart:

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i did not what you mean i want to just know that why people afair for carona. Dont afair you will got a new

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