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Take Skill Test

Warning. It’s a con. The system doesn’t work, first gives you an error message and then reports that you failed the test. What crap this service is!!

The system is still in Beta, I believe. You could try contacting customer support. Hope you find an solution :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve got cold feet about Fiverr. If you have a web presence and a serious bug like this (not fixed) then I guess you’re not the right people for me to invest 20% of my earnings in!


Mike Druttman

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I’m sincerely sorry for what you had to go through. However, in my case it was different. I have taken about 4 tests and got quality feedbacks. Perhaps a brief discussion with the customer support might help. Thanks

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I contacted them and am waiting for a reply - but not holding my breath. Many thanks anyway

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the only way is to contact customer support bruh :+1:

Passed the test. It functioned in the end

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