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Take Test button not working

Hi. The “Take Test” button to sit the basic English test prior to publishing my gig is not working, and I’m unable to go any further. I have searched the forum, but I haven’t found a fix. Any ideas?


You mean in the Skills Tests?

No, it’s at the end of the process to set up a gig. I’ve gone through my gig description, added a photo etc., but the final step is to take a basic English test. Fiverr says my gig will remain in draft mode until I take the test. However, the test button is not working.


Ah, I’m not familiar with the in-gig tests. If they’re the same as the Skills Tests, though, you can access those from your profile by scrolling down.

Oh, okay, thanks. I’ll take the test through my profile, and maybe it will show up on the gig setup page.

Thanks for your quick reply, by the way :grinning:

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You’re welcome, but don’t come to expect it. :sweat:
The forums are great, but not always fast.
Good luck with the test and be aware that there are some issues with them.

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Thanks. I’ve now gone to the tests list, but when I click on Basic English, or any of the tests for that matter, nothing happens… I’ll try logging out and back in again and maybe that’ll work.

If that doesn’t work, also try clearing your cache or switching browsers.

Good plan - I’ll give that a go.

Nope. Have cleared cache, switched browsers, logged out and in again. Still not working.

Sorry, it’s beyond my knowledge, then. Customer Support it is. Be sure to include all the methods of attempts, include relevant screenshots, and stay polite and professional.

And let us know how it goes.

Thanks, I’ll get in touch with them.

Hope so… and all the best.

Hi, I am actually having the exact same problem right now. Did you end up figuring it out?

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Hi, yes, I ended up getting a support person to help me with it. I’m not sure what they did.


Hi, can you please guide me as to how exactly you got rid of your problem?, as i m facing the same issue over here with my Gig

If you read through the responses to this post, you’ll see they contacted CS.

Hi, yes, as coerdelion said, I ended up contacting support and they fixed it for me.

Yeah and here I am. Having the same issue still in November 2020. Let me contact the customer support. LoL