Take the weekend off?


How many of you work Fiverr on the weekend? And if not - what is your most effective way of taking time off… simply putting a longer delivery date? Enjoy the spring!! Get outside!


I’ve worked seven days a week for years. I would have to set my time for delivery to 3 days and can’t do that without having packages enabled. Or I would have to use the vacation mode or pause my gigs which would affect the rankings.


WOW - That is impressive - I think you’ve earned a day off! :slight_smile:


I do too but love what I do too much.


Awesome!!! Good for you! :slight_smile:


I don’t know about other categories, but in my case I know that Fridays I will get very less or no orders… I don’t know why?
That from alone gives me already free weekends


I have noticed this too. What happens on weekends that orders slow down or stop?


pause your gigs on friday 9pm and unpause them monday 9am


Rankings, will my gigs change positions?


I’ve seen this pattern since years. Orders will slow down or stop on Fridays/Saturdays, and start again (sometimes in explosive ways) on Sunday afternoon/Monday…


I have a theory, based on some observations from a few years ago, that fiverr can exactly control how many orders gigs get. I’m not sure why it would happen on weekends though. But it must be something that fiverr does for some reason. It is too consistent over too long a period of time to not be something that is being done deliberately. Maybe it has to do with the marketing of gigs.


Then I bet the guy responsible of controlling orders for Graphics and Designs takes also his weekends free! :smile:


I’m on here like practically 24/7 but only get an order once a week if I’m lucky. Constantly clicking the refresh button :joy:


I work with alot of business clients and they are possibly busy on the weekends and don’t place orders. That is what I think causes the slow down on the weekend.

I promise you, Fiverr doesn’t do anything to slow orders down. They need the sales just like you. When a buyer is ready to order, they need to be able to order.

I, like @misscrystal, work 7 days a week. I answer messages from when I get up until when I go to bed. I only work on projects 3-4 hours a day. So it is only 20-30 hours a week. It helps that my wife is home and doesn’t work away from home. So our schedules are the same. That way we are spending chunks of time together often during the day. I usually am able to cook 3 meals.

What you will think is crazy is the fact that I don’t stop the work when I go on vacation. I will lighten it about 20%. When I have tried to stop the Fiverr engine, It takes way too many weeks to stop and start. We just vacation a little longer and I may work an hour earlier morning and an hour late night.

One of the most painful things I’ve ever done is stop Fiverr and take a no fiverr week off. I ended up missing about 3 weeks of work.

You have also got to realize that my wife and I are home all the time and spend alot of time together. So vacation is not making up for some crazy life that we hate. Vacation is just moving our life into a different backdrop.

We don’t have children so I know we don’t face the challenges of trying to cram alot of vacation into a short few days at school holidays. I also realize that when my wife was working Monday-Friday, 8-5, Weekends did feel like I was working when she was off.


I always take the weekend off!

I usually take 1 day off each week to relax, sunbathe and recoup :wink:

If you setup your deliveries accordingly and your clients understand start and finish dates you can definitely pull it off as well!


I started to increase my delivery times during the weekend. It was becoming too stressful and I couldn’t do anything anymore, hardly ate, missed the sunlight, etc.
Of course, I end up doing some work during Saturday/Monday because I can’t help it
I believe rest time is important so you can start the attack in full force after the weekend ends! :space_invader:


What about all the messages I constantly get that have to be answered? They don’t take weekends off.


Same here!
In all the years working in Fiverr, I’ve used the “Vacation Mode” just twice with bad results:
One week holidays = 3 weeks to get the same rythm and my normal amount of orders
It felt like starting again from newby times…
I just don’t use “Vacation Mode” anymore, I write to my clients that I will extend my delivery time for the amount of days I will be off… and luckily they wait for me.


I have a job ( which is my main source of income) and I work on the weekends.
My days off from that job is mainly Monday and Tuesday, so I tend to work on Fiverr a lot on
those two days. Saturday and Sunday is just another work day for me. :slight_smile:
It does depend on the number of orders I get, but I get the feeling I’m working 7 days a week too,
even thought it might not be the whole day. I try to tell myself NOT to do anything work related on those 2 days off, but I usually end up doing something Fiverr related! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I work 24/7 on Fiverr.
I’ll do readings anything at 4 am to 7 pm even on a Friday. My ex boyfriend would absolutely hate it but I would rather make $150 in 30 minutes than sit in a computer from 8 am to 5 pm for $10 an hour :slight_smile:
And then I dumped him lol

I am 100% dedicated to Fiverr
Fiverr >>> Dating/Relationships lol

I also got my real estate license at 18 but I have 6 college classes and don’t have time to do much with it, so Fiverr is my main source of income right now