Taking a break off Fiverr


So lately, I’ve been screwing things up over & over. :grimacing: I feel like I need to take a break where I could get my things back together, improve my skills & work on my self a little bit.

I’ve been like jobless for 15 days now after getting demoted. Not my choice, but there’s actually no BR to submit my offers. So I thought instead of refreshing the BR page every 5 minutes desperately searching for a useful one, investing that time in growing my skills & expertise would be much better. Therefore, I’m planning to take a break off Fiverr for 4 months where I could do the mentioned points above. And hopefully, I’ll get back with better services to add to my Fiverr account.

There’s just one obstacle I’m facing right now which is should I deactivate my account, pause my gigs or turn on the vacation mode? I know that probably all of them are going to affect me when I come back & I’ll have to work on getting my position back. But which one of them is the best for a 4 month break off Fiverr knowing that I might open few times in that time span just to check repeat buyers’ messages & If they need any help. (If there’s any)

And lastly, thank you for all of your support & help towards my journey on Fiverr, see you soon! :sunrise_over_mountains:


Vacation mode :wink:
At least then you won’t start from square one again. Ranking comes and goes, but if you delete your account you’ll lose your reviews.


Does Deactivating my account removes the reviews as well? :thinking: I thought it just like deactivate it for a period of time until you access it again. Thanks for the info! Luckily, I didn’t take that step before I ask.


Now that you ask I’m not sure, but I thought that’s what it means. :smiley:
Anyway, just to be on the safe side go on a vacation

Besides, if you deactivate then returning clients will think you’re gone for sure. With vacation mode they can ask to be notified when you’re back.


Hey, Youssef!

If you feel like you need to take a break, then do so. :slightly_smiling_face:
I remember last year (summertime) I took a (4) week vacay. I used VM and left a note on my profile for my clients. If you pause your gigs, there’s a chance a client would still contact you and your response rate would plummet.

Don’t Deactivate your account. I agree with UX vacay mode is best.
When the dust settles come back refreshed & better than ever to go to work.

Hope to see ya around these halls soon. :hugs: :heart:


I recommend pausing or vacation but do not deactivate your account.

The 3rd option means everything will be deleted, including all your reviews. You’ll have to sign up again with new username and email.

Btw, you have great gigs, it’s just that you are in a specialized field. Unlike folks who sell gigs such as illustration - that can be bought by everyone. Yours is one of those that goes with “right timing.”

It could be slow because there really aren’t many folks needing it right now. Whenever I see a talented & motivate young seller, like you, I’m always tempted to buy and try. Unfortunately, I couldn’t with yours - at least not yet. :blush:

Nothing wrong with honing your skills, but are you sure about taking 4 month of absence?


Well the point is, I’m about to take a course which needs from me 4 months so I could finish it up and I’ll be taking it along with my studies. So I don’t think I’ll have free time where I could work.

I totally agree with you about the service I’m providing. Actually a reason ehy i’m taking this course is both so I could add extra services to my account and to also increase my expertise.


Sorry, this is happeing to you, Youssef. I have been wondering how you have been ever since you posted the “I am kind of lost” post.

Have a rejuvenating productive break. I will miss you.


I am on VM right now, going on my 3rd week so far… This is not my first time thought, Sometimes I just need a break from all the requests/orders/message I am getting daily. I have a full-time job which makes Fiverr notifications annoying sometimes.

DO NOT deactivate your account, just turn on VM, take a break (visit Alexandria if you’re not there already, the weather is amazing this time of year)… and start fresh after 1-2 months.

just make sure to check your inbox from time to time and reply with a “fast response” to any message you get in order to keep your current response rate and seller level each month.


I thought the longest we could go on vacation was two months?


You can actually stay on vacation mode for longer. It’ll remind you when you reach the two month point, but you can go on longer.

I did this last semester when school was really heating up.


Taking a step back to prepare to run forwards is a good plan, don’t worry or feel negative about doing that if you feel that’s what you need to do.
Vacation mode or pause gigs - for 4 months both will have some impact.
@bradencollins10 did that and regretted it big time. Deactivating the account means deleting it!

Can I ask what you are planning to study?


As @eoinfinnegan, I wouldn’t deactivate your account. I did and it’s something that I regret. While there are parts of me that are glad that I did deactivate my account because of the fresh start, it is also really hard to get started up again. My first month of selling hasn’t been all that bad, but it takes awhile just to get any Buyer Requests. When you start out, you only get a few added a day and a majority of them are always sellers trying to advertise their services illegally or they are so broad that you can’t even find one worthwhile.

But, by all means, take the break. To tell the truth, I got sick of the workload while trying to build up my academics and social life, but after a month or two I was urging to get back into it. The break helped me to think about what matters and it rekindled my motivation. Sad to see you go, but I’ll see you back here soon! We’ll miss you.


@eoinfinnegan I’m planning to head to the Full Stack developer course. I did get enrolled into it and started my first 2 sessions few days ago. It wasn’t that complex as I thought!

I’m also looking forward to study other fields which eventually, will help me out with my work on Fiverr & it will add more services which is related to my main work into my account. (Like Graphic Design for example.)

@bradencollins10 Thank you for your nice words, Braden. :slight_smile: At first, I thought deactivating an account is just like how you do it on Facebook. Where you can deactivate it for a short period of time & get back to it whenever you want. But it seem it’s totally different on Fiverr.
I’m sorry to hear about your deactivation experience tho. You know, I honestly think that you taking that risk & deactivating your account to start fresh, it shows how self confident you are. Because most people including me, wouldn’t dare to take such move. I would get too many “What if” in my mind. :smile:

Thank you for your precious concerns, I will surely miss all of you. It’s just a 4 months period, time flies!. :alarm_clock:



That’s an interesting concept that you had. When I started on Fiverr, I offered services that every person on the planet can sell (fake Amazon reviews - which was legal back then), that was my plan until I started picking up new skills.

Like everyone said deactivating your account would be a bad move, just use vaca mode.

In the meanwhile, if you are into reading, read a couple of business self-help and memoirs books, they would help you a lot. That’s what I do in my off time. Here are some recommendations.

  • Creativity Inc. (overcoming creative blocks, and how to boost your creative process, it’s written by the CEO of Pixar Inc)
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad (interesting read, but some of the stuff can be applied if you only live in the US)
  • Tuesdays with Morrie (not a business book, but it can help you a lot)
  • Read a lot of articles on freelancing, customer support, marketing, and similar niches.

If you are “lazy” to read you can always watch some YouTube videos, it’s not everything in having your professional skill to be mastered, but there are some other side stuff that you should work on. Especially, since you are young, motivated, and you are willing to learn.

Even if you are off the main site of Fiverr, read the Forum and the Blog to be up to date with all of the happenings on Fiverr. We sure are going to miss you too, but as you said it’s just 4 months. :slight_smile:

When you get back, and when you start getting a lot of orders, as I know you will. Make yourself a lot of free time for hobbies and other activities, don’t let yourself to become overworked as I did a few months ago, it took me two months just to get back on track. That’s also a skill that you should work on a lot, balancing your time, personally, I had lack of that skill until it started having consequences on my health.


Thank you for the recommendation, Mark! I indeed love those kind of books. The first book I read about success in general is called The rules of life by Richard Templar. It was magnificent! It driven me to buy more books of the same genre. Now I know where my Fiverr income will be spent on. :smile:

I do need to work on balancing my time, I terribly suck at it! I keep reading blog posts about how to manage your time and balance between work, studies…etc. But none of the points they mentioned worked for me. I’ll take it inconsideration tho, I think it’s now the best time to practice and work on my skills. Specially the side ones as you’ve mentioned!


Sounds good - keep us updated on how it goes!


Have a good time!!, i wish could get a BR ASAP! having same situation here!:disappointed_relieved: :neutral_face:


I just came back from 6 months Vacation.