Taking a day off! Share your experiences


Hi Everyone, this is my first thread in 8 months. Due to holidays, the sales have dropped and I just thought to have a chat with all you. My name is Maria and I provide writing services on Fiverr. I donot about you but I simply love Fiverr!! It is my actual source of income and I gave it my full time… currently, my status is a level 2 seller and I have high goals to attain.

Now tell me what about you? whether you are senior or a newbie I would love to know your overall experience on Fiverr. Any proud moments? any bad experiences? anything…


Hi Maria,
I love Fiverr also. It is definitely the best website to sell gigs :smiley:

I just got bad experience with one buyer who wanted me to cancel 25$ although I have sent him a video proofs of my work but I didnt want to risk to decrease my 100% positive rating. Off course this will not change my good opinion about Fiverr.

I am also a Level Two seller. Although I am a math teacher, I didnt sell any math gig yet. But still, I earned over 1500$ in last two months. My advice to others are:

  1. Keep learning. There are a lot of useful things you could learn online.
  2. Keep in touch with your buyers and over deliver some orders.
  3. Keep investing. Although I earned a lot, I am also spending 100$ a month on other services who helps me expand my business. i had some negative orders, but there are much more useful services.

So keep learning and never give up.
See you at the top :slight_smile:



I’m a sort of new on fiverr :stuck_out_tongue: I joined fiverr in 2013. But did nothing with it. Now 6 weeks ago I started with gig on fiverr. SEO related, file conversion and I’m a radio DJ and voice over here in the Netherlands. So I have 2 audio related gigs.

For me it was and is right now hard to get orders. The start was difficult And now 6 weeks later also difficult. But I’m positive and creative… Patience and the orders will come…

And I wish you a merry christmas :slight_smile:



Hi there,

Fiverr is a great site to sell your products. It has it’s ups and downs with the clients but hey, all is good. I am a graphic designer and I’ve been a member on Fiverr since last summer. It was a slow start, but when the gigs got up and running, everything is going smoothly, even on holidays.

Sell quality work, good communication and offer small discounts for returning customers. Those are the things that I keep in mind every time I get an order.

Keep it up and be positive. Good things will come!



I started on Fiverr this year and have experienced some success. It’s important to keep experimenting with different gigs and skill sets. I’ve noticed the academic gigs are picking up. Overall, my experience on Fiverr has been great! There is a learning curve and it takes a lot of diligence to be successful.


@naturalpromo OT. But your Profile image looks awefully similar to a Fiverr buyer here @gina_riley2.

Both of you probably used the same illustrator. :thinking:


@djgodknows: I was thinking the same thing. He is a Level 2, so I’m actually not surprised!

No, I did not create a dual account and named it @naturalpromo, if anyone is wondering. I already have a full time job and part time job (writing)!!

Welcome to Fiverr @naturalpromo! :slight_smile:


Prove it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Both of ya’ll need to respond at the same time… lol


@djgodknows: Ha, ha, ha! Very funny.

If we did respond at the same time, then I think it would be “Fishy?” :smiling_imp:

Besides, I’m Asian, I do not think @naturalpromo looks like me just similar style of drawing.


@naturalpromo is Mexican. And Mexicans DO have an Asian look (due to ancestral heritage) though she seems a bit tanned compared to you. :grin:


@gina_riley2 thanks, I’m liking fiverr and this conversation made me laugh. Pretty sure we used the same illustrator :slight_smile:


@djgodknows you sound knowledgeable in this area haha.


@marinkovickg I totally agree with you!! i have also cancelled order and honestly i was in tears because buyers misused me and took the documents still i refunded to save myself from negative reviews. i have done this alot of times, i feel like some buyers try to manipulate newbies. however, now i know how to deal with such buyers :muscle: :joy:

Thanks for the tips i will see in long run if i can apply these.


Hi @davegerrits thanks for sharing your experience. I can understand your situation and i would like advice you that you should try looking at the top gigs in your area and check the services they are providing may be you need to make changes with your gig picture and description and revise your tags. check the tags of your competitors if they can be at the top so can you :grin:


hello @armejndi thanks for sharing. yes i also apply these strategies and try to bound and make a permanent relationship with customers to retain them!!

@naturalpromo thanks for sharing. however, not just academic all gigs are up. there is a tremendous traffic on Fiverr. to me, graphic designers are the best, high money=less amount of work :smirk:


Heya ! Pleasure :slight_smile:
I have been on fiverr now for a little over a year and indeed it is my main source of income as well !

Happy holidays :slight_smile: