Taking a long break


Hello, I’m going to be taking a long break from one of my gigs, which is my proofreading and editing gig. I got a bit overwhelmed with several orders, and most of them were due on the same day. It was pretty hectic, and it caused me to fall behind on several orders. I had to deliver so many late orders, and that made me sad and upset with myself. Currently, I’m still working on two very large orders, and thankfully, the buyers have been very patient with me. So, I’d like to say thank you to every one of my customers and apologize for the late orders. I do hope to be back up and running in December, and I even plan to introduce a new gig catering to short stories and creative writing projects. I may have to scale my proofreading and editing gig from 10k words to 5k words to help with time management, or simply increase the delivery date to eleven days. Thank you all for your patience, polite replies, and positive reviews. I’ll see you all in December. :slight_smile: