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Taking about a Buyer who cancels order after getting the job done

Here is a profile of a buyer who has done this thing more times than I can remember.

She gets a quote for a work, get it delivered the way she asks, and then asks for a refund calling it a shit work.
She has done it 3 times and always comes back with an apology.

Last time she cancelled an order by asking fiverr support after 6 months of accepting an order and even reviewing it 5 stars. It took me a while to find out where the money was deducted from.

Mod Note: User details removed. Please refrain from posting details about other site users on the forum. It is against the forum rules. Please read them before posting again.

I urge all sellers to be extra careful with this.

Thank You


Please don’t name buyers, or indeed sellers - it’s against forum rules. Thank you! :sunny:


I have only written this so something good can be done regarding this.
Probably a new feature where conversations, work etc can be checked.

Don’t send work without watermark. Keep your order conversation in order page. Confirm order is finished from buyer end before send the completed work without watermark.

If something happen ask Fiverr support to review the order page. Everything was there. So you don’t want to worry again :blush:


well there are buyers who are like that or ask for free samples before placing the order and than they even blackmail you by saying you just lost a big customer and all