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Taking American Express for payment on the site

Hi, been using Fiverr for a couple of years now. We here at our company only use the American Express business card. For some reason Fiver does not take that card for payment anymore. Can I get a reason why this is? Now the boss is saying that I need to find a new site to get jobs done.

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It might be due to American Express charging a company more than Visa to process their cards. This is usually the reason. Many restaurants do not take American Express either for that reason.

Since I don’t have a reason why fiverr decided not to accept the card, I think the work around is to pay with paypal. Go to the check out and choose paypal then if paypal asks you to add a card to finish the payment, add your American card, it should theoretically work


This would work if the company has a Paypal account. The reason businesses like to keep all business expenses on the American Express Business Card is so they can easily be added to the total of all expenses of the business for accounting and tax purposes.

I thought that paypal doesn’t require you to have a paypal account to pay something with your card, I have instances where they just ask me to pay for a card and an option to not have an account

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That’s cool. It probably will take the money from your credit card and then Paypal will do the actual payment. But it might work for a business to do that.

I assume that would show up on the business American Express card as a payment to Paypal. Assuming that you could use the American Express card that way for Paypal.

in the generated invoice receipt from fiverr it show payment went to fiverr and there is a vat number added, there was no actual difference that I saw when I paid with a card directly and when I paypal as a middleman. The final receipts all show I paid fiverr so it would work even while filling tax returns

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This worked perfectly. I created a new paypal account using my business address (I could have just used my personal but I wanted to keep them separate), then added the AMEX and off we go. Done deal. Thanks for thinking through this, @franklegacy