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Taking Courses, does it help?

Does taking courses on Fiverr actually help in growing your gigs and gaining more exposure? Please share your experience. Thanks!

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The purpose of the courses is to gain knowledge and skills.

You can use these to offer services with higher value which may lead to more exposure and better Gigs position after all.

Taking courses to get a badge only will not help.

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Hi! Thanks for your reply. I would want to take some courses, but was undecided if taking them here on Fiverr or outside from here. That’s why I asked if taking the courses here on Fiverr would somehow help with exposure, etc.

Thanks again!

Got it.

Honestly, would you believe if somebody says yes without any proof of that?

Well, I was expecting someone to talk about their EXPERIENCE. Ofc, I would checked someone’s profile to see if he actually took courses and the status of his sales. I wouldn’t have asked that in the first place if I would not believe whoever replied or whatever answer I would have gotten. :slight_smile:

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