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Taking my first step to success

Hello Everyone! I am Ria. Joined fiverr community now. Would love to know from everyone out there how to be successful in this field. How i will start getting the orders as i have just joined. Can anyone give me some good suggestions to get my goals.

You have to create gigs with skills that you are good at, use the popular social media and promote your gigs, try to deliver quality work all the time, that way you will get profile views, have a conversation with the buyer on the task that you are been given, if you do not understand the task cancel the order. Some buyer will order without messaging you, when you are on fiverr for awhile, I hope this tip help you on marketing your gigs.

The best advice I can give you is be honest and use your own work.
If you do logo designs that’s great, but do not use other people’s works
as your sample image.
Be honest, professional, and patient.