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Taking my whole name out of a paypal purchase to a seller


Is something I’d like to do. I’ve yet to make a purchase with Fiver, and am very close to, but am uneasy about making a payment through Fiver with Paypal and having my full name out there. I know Paypal will remove your name ONLY if you upgrade to a Premium account. This is something I do NOT want to do with Paypal. I want the personal account with Paypal. I’d like to know if Fiverr makes it possible to pay a seller with Paypal without disclosing a buyers name when using Paypal?


Seller will only see your fiverr username


Please don’t worry about this. Fiverr doesn’t want your information getting out there either. I have had several people buy my voiceover gig and the only thing I EVER see is their username. Good luck! There are some really amazing things on this website.


Your PayPal information is totally separate from your transaction with the buyer. Buy with confidence young Jedi !