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Taking oders through buyers requests


So i am new and have a little bit of confusion, In ‘buyers requests’ when I click on offer, am i supposed to submit the work itself or am I supposed to tell the buyer that I would like to take on the project? I have a feeling I have been doing it all wrong the whole time


You tell them what you can do, why you are the best choice for the job and the terms. Don’t send the work. They will then have no need to hire and pay you.


Ah ok, thanks for clearing my confusion. Thought we were supposed to send the project itself and got frightened


When buyer place a project and after a Minute it got accept by fiverr lot of proposals will flow to your client project page. So what you have to do is convince the buyer within first one or two lines. Because after getting lot of proposals buyers are just scrolling down the list and you buyer need to stop scrolling whenever he saw some interesting thing on your proposal.
Time to time I do post requests on fiverr to find good newbie freelancers to give them a hand. I hope my experience will help you too. :slight_smile:


I will keep that in mind thanks loads. I am facing a problem though, many buyers donot specify what do they want in buyer requests, so I usually ask them what they want through offer, is that wrong?


You have to write a convincing statement notifying the buyer you are the best fit for the job


so instead of asking them about the job, i need to convince them i am the best fit for it? Lets say i get the job so is there a way to keep in touch with them?


The thing is the buyer has requested for a seller. So you tell them you’re the best fit. Once they choose you then you can message them asking for more details. Lets say you are a driver and the buyer wants someone to drive them somewhere, so you send an offer telling them you can do it. Once they select you to drive them then you can ask for the total distance, speed etc.


Ok now i get it, I have been doing it the wrong way all this time. thanks for your help.


If possible try sending them before others