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Taking Risk in orders

Shall I take those orders which I think I can do but seem hard or shall we only take those about which we are sure I can do this.

Well, the Fiverr Academy pages said something like this:

“It would be unwise to accept this project as it is out of your realm of knowledge.”

Accepting a project that you are not sure you’ll be able to deliver (as requested by the client & on time as well) can lead to bad stuff like cancellations, refunds, negative reviews, plenty of lost time, bad experience, etc.

I, myself, wouldn’t take on a project if I’m not 100% sure I can do it.


That is correct but what if orders are not coming? We need to take risk for those who are ready or just wait and keep calm?

You could take such a risk, but it will be your fault if you’re not able to do it and have trouble, and you cannot complain later on that Fiverr is not helping you - you have to take full responsibility if you decide to take such risks, especially in case of failures.


I think I’ll become a brain surgeon tomorrow - okay, it might be a risk as I know nothing about brain surgery, but I’m not getting much business as a plumber…

Similarly daft! :sunny:

Please only take on orders you KNOW you can complete successfully.


Don’t take something you are not 100%.

If you do, you are risking one or more of the following:

  • Cancellation
  • Bad review
  • Paypal Chargeback
  • Complaint to Customer Support by buyer
  • Lastly, wasting time working on a project - for $0.

:heavy_plus_sign: What would you do, if during the process you get an order that you can do?

You’ve just ticked off a buyer who may never return to 5r, making other sellers (including) yourself lose out on $$.


I prefer not to take an order if I’m not 100% sure I can do it.
I believe, Our buyers don’t bring their project here for experiment.


Epic example thanks for this