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Taking Tests and its benefits

How can we take tests for our specific field, and what benefit will it add to my gig? will i be able toquote my test score anywhaere on my profile?

it will show on your profile if you pass the test

It will certify your expertise in that particular skill. All skills you add and have tests completed will show a green tick mark verified button.

Image below

It will be appear on your wall, i do not think so its effects gig ranking. But it’s good for buyer perspective.

how to complete test?where is that option?

Go to your profile page and please check for the Tests Taken Section, right to it you will see a Take a Test link.



thank u bro… …

Your very welcome @prince316

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bro can i take test through mobile?

@prince316 I haven’t tried that, but its best to use a computer browser for ease.

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i checked through mbl app bt cant find the option…but in pc its available…anyway thanks bro

Ok @prince316 thank you for the information and best wishes for the tests.

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hw much test u passed?

i posted a data entry gig here…3 mnths i promoted it on social networking sites…bt didnt get any order yet…

The Skill tests I completed. You may want to promote more.

mm…hw much order u got frm here?and wot abt buyer request feature…?can we know the status of the offer we snd to buyer? means if the buyer gave the wrk to any other seller then any feature to know the work has given or not…

Go to your profile. you will see that option bellow.