Taking votes: Which Fiverr Gig Should I Purchase?


I would love your vote. I am working with a lot of Fiverr sellers to work on my next rock album including singers, guitarists, songwriters, drummers, and even a hip hop artist.

I just hired a very talented Fiverr seller (with a lot of positive feedback) to design my next album titled Brainstorm and I did not like the first one, so I rejected the work and asked for a new one. Well, he sent me a new one.

Now, I ask you, my friends, which one do you like? The top one or the bottom one. I will not tell you which one I rejected. Shhhh. That’s a secret! If you do not like either, let me know.

My most recent rock album (released in October), titled Chasing Tornadoes, is available on Fiverr.



Sorry, this one has the full sized cover.


The first is much more visually appealing so I’d go with that one. The second looks like an old faded poster.



I like the first one better, too.


Wow, unanimous, but I don’t like that lightbulb. It looks cheesy. Maybe we can do something there…


Reply to @hotwebideas: agree about lightbulb, lol


i like the second one better myself…


Reply to @fourtowers: Thanks. Now, I have sides to take. LOL


2nd one!!


Thanks. I am mixed. I think the first one has a cheesy light bulb, but I can take that out with photoshop. In second one, I think the light burst is cheesy. I don’t know if I like either, LOL, but I do see mixed reviews.


Maybe the second without the light burst but I like the ambient light


First one the second one looks tacky!!


Top one.


1st one. The second one looks low quality.


I like the first one better, but it almost looks a bit cheesy for a rock album that’s supposed to be taken seriously.


I like the bottom one! I think it looks more futuristic, the top one looks to old and vintagey.


IMHO, I do not like either of them.

The text looks like it has been just put onto the bg and the face has just been inserted. It does not look like a professional cover. Maybe it’s just me but that’s my honest opinion. No offense to anyone intended. Really


Reply to @princemaxx: No offense taken. I am not sure I like either one either.


Out of the two, the first one most definitely.


Any update?