Taking Your Privacy Into Consideration: GDPR Compliance


From privacy buffs to just regular internet users, the past few weeks have been filled with headlines, emails and blog posts all focused on changes to privacy laws and policies across Europe.

The law, broadly dubbed “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),” is focused on enhancing protection for consumers within the European Union (EU) and outside of it. The policy was issued by European Commission, European Parliament, and Council of European Union, and if you’re interested in learning more about the specifics of the law, its creation, and its intended outcomes, you can check out more from the European Commission, here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/law-topic/data-protection/data-protection-eu_en

If you’re the kind of doer who wants to read the law itself, feel free to take a gander here: https://gdpr-info.eu/

But if you’re more in the TL;DR camp, the main goal of the law is to give people more control and protection over their personal information. It also creates a simple and clear standard for all companies doing any business in the EU, which ultimately will make it easier for Fiverr and its community of doers in Europe to keep on doin’.

As a community, a marketplace and a brand, we take data privacy very seriously. In accordance with the law, we have updated our own Privacy Policy to be in compliance.

Feel free to check out the new Privacy Policy here: https://www.fiverr.com/privacy-policy

While these laws were introduced in 2016, they’re going into effect on May 25, which means everyone should expect approximately 1,000 more emails letting you know the change is coming in the next couple of days.

Until then, be sure to check out the updated policy and feel free to reach out to Customer Support with any questions.

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LOL! Thanks for the heads up!


I´ve gotten lots of mails already the last days, none from Fiverr yet though.

Thanks for the links!

May I ask if these §§ only apply while we’re logged in or is data collected and merged also when we just browse while not being logged in?

In addition, we collect information while you access, browse, view or otherwise use the Site. In other words, when you access the Site we are aware of your usage of the Site, and may gather, collect and record the information relating to such usage, including geo-location information, IP address, device and connection information, browser information and web-log information, and all communications recorded by Users through the Site. We use that information to enhance user experience, personalize your browsing experience as well as monitor the Site for preventing fraud and inappropriate content or behaviour. We may also collect supplemental information obtained from third parties such as demographic and navigation data.

Additionally, in order to improve your online experience at Fiverr, we have implemented impression reporting. While you view our ads, we may gather user Global Unique Identifier, HTTP request data like, user agent, IP, host, url, country/continent from which request made, browser info, device/operating system/operating system version.


Will check on these specifics.


I’ve received most emails weeks ago.
Fiverr has been falling behind and your site is still not compliant.

I would recommend getting a DPO or a better DPO before you get into trouble :wink:


I don’t know if it would be wanted on this thread, but I am curious to know specifics. Of course, I would find specifics much persuasive if a lawyer with expertise in the new regulations were to weigh in. Even though I would take other opinions with many grains of salt, I’d be interested to know where this site is lacking in compliance. (I’m not going to call it MJensen’s site since it really isn’t, he is a single staff member, but I think you mean the Fiverr.com site, so correct me if I’m wrong.) Thanks!


I’m interested to know how Fiverr GDPR compliance is being taken into account by Fiverr’s copyright department?

In the case of many after effects template videos being sold on Fiverr without the consent of their creators, those creators have personally identifiable markers in their videos. In essence, this means Fiverr is selling their content and personal information without them even being members of the platform.

Also, wouldn’t GDPR rules also apply to things like logos? i.e. Where a logo seller creates a composite of stock images and existing logos, aren’t they now also monetizing another company’s personal information as well as infringing their copyright?