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I am responding to @oldbittygrandma’s post in another thread

We need a new thread about “Once you have your domain, hosting, Wordpress theme, and widget, next step is too…” type of thread…or is there one already someone can link me to here?

Yes, Jo, there is a Santa Clause. LOL

I am also a writer on Hubpages and I have already uploaded videos on this, so here they are for all of you:


SEO for your Wordpress blog:


Wordpress Permalinks - Making your Wordpress blog search engine friendly.


Creating Wordpress Menus the Correct Way:


Wordpress Strategies to Make you A Rock Star Blogger:


Jo: I hope this link is ok and does not break the forum TOS, but this will definitely answer your question.


wolfstarpicture said: I'm only saying this because It's something I wanted to do in a weird way... but find it unusual people would want to actively read what I write... as I am nothing special, writing skill wise.

Thanks Wolf: You are right, there are millions of blogs and a lot of them are on LatestBlogPosts.com, but if you have something to say to the world or teach the world, blogs can be your own personal way of doing it.

Also, a lot of authors who could not get their books published turn to blogs. With a blog, you are the publisher and you can write your book as the chapters come to you where each chapter is a different blog post.

Bottom line: Despite the fact that there are millions of blogs out there, there is only @WolfStarPicture, and nobody, but him, can tell anybody what he has to say.



When reading through both topics before i finished reading all of this one. My first question was

what is word press? I have no clue…

But reading on it’s a type of blog.

By Blog (something I have never done) I’m assuming you have your own web space were you post things about yourself or a subject like a biography…

Then quite handily hotwebideas you’ve given tools to drive traffic there.

However… it seems millions of people have blogs, and these blogs are by normal people with no special writing skill or talent you would get with today’s top writers (i’m making assumptions here)

So why would other people search and read what you have to say? Compared to the millions of other bloggers, then the famous writers?

I’m only saying this because It’s something I wanted to do in a weird way… but find it unusual people would want to actively read what I write… as I am nothing special, writing skill wise.


Great Links Brother, I’m also interested in WordPress. :smiley:


These links help you get your Wordpress site to it’s most optimum, but here are more tips for everyone:

You have your domain name, hosting, theme, and widget, here are more tips:

  1. Watch my videos above to set up your SEO and make your blog search engine friendly.

  2. Watch the 2nd video to make your Wordpress site more secure and optimized for comments. I recommend disabling your Wordpress comments and adding Facebook comments, since you have social media built into it.

  3. Add Google Analytics. You can get a Google Analytics plugin from wordpress.org, but you can also manually enter the HTML into your Wordpress theme’s header.php file.

  4. Remove the Hello World blog post. You don’t need it.

  5. Remove the first comment. It is default by Wordpress.

  6. Blog 2 to 3 times per week.

    You should be good to go.



I might need to create a blog for school someday. Thanks a lot for these tips Bruce, bookmarked


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: LOL


I agree totally, but… what If you put all that work into writing about yourself or a subject and it becomes a waste of time because nothing has come of it? I would hate to have that worry.


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: When you said “nothing comes of it”, what do you mean? No business? No leads? What does “nothing” mean?


all of that yeah, no traffic, no business, no leads, no interest… nothing happens as a result of your blogging.

I would find myself a very avid reader, I like to read a good book from majority of well known and not well known authors… But I couldn’t bring myself to read an individuals opinions and views on the world today in their particular blog. It would just be the equivalent of reading through my news feed on facebook with great interest but instead of friends writing a line or 2, it’s whole paragraphs… and instead of friends it’s people I don’t know.

I would love to find the answer of what drives people to read blog’s and why?


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: It’s really what I say about social media. You have to target market your blog and promote the heck out of it. You WILL get traffic if you find the right audience. I suggest you start blogging to get some search engine traffic. Use Google Analytics and get verified on Google.

If you need my help with all of this, I can do it on Fiverr and work with you to help get your blog off the ground.

Make sure to get a Wordpress blog from wordpress.org (don’t go to wordpress.com) and if you already have a domain name and web hosting, you are all set.



Anyone else need Wordpress help?


I do but not sure what kind of help I need, my Wordpress blog really it just a copy and paste of my blogger reviews of the fiverr gigs, I would love suggestions


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Cool Ashley. I can look over the weekend.


Reply to @hotwebideas: hi.i really need wp help for my blog tumichael.com. i m so stuck wt optimizing it :frowning: anyway, i m working on ur order :slight_smile: when i deliver, u can check if u like my work, so could u pls offer me some advices on my blog? :slight_smile: i will be really really appreciated

Tu Michael


Reply to @tumichael: Hey TuMichael. I am looking forward. What help do you need on your blog. I can always help you out for a few gig orders, but I would also be willing to purchase the HD version as well if you want to trade some gig purchases.


Reply to @hotwebideas:

hotwebideas said: Cool Ashley. I can look over the weekend.

Thanks and if you have some suggestions drop me a message on FIVERR directly...


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Absolutely.


Reply to @hotwebideas: I am in the house all weekend, its flippin freezin here in TN so I will get the message right away


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Sounds good. I was in Chattanooga two years ago for a business trip.