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Talk to buyer about Website payment informations


Hello, Communities,
I have seen that Fiverr not allows a seller to take payment information of a Ecommerce/woocommerce website. I know that it is a violation of terms and conditions.

So how can i ask the buyer for the payment information which needs to build a website/WooCommerce Payment integrations.

Hope everybody will help me.


I don’t know bro. Go ahead.


How do you know? Who said? WRONG! You are always allowed to share any personal information within the order page when sharing of that information is necessary to complete the order.

Above information is form Fiverr’s Official Terms of Service for today (2019/02/19). Please do read entire terms of service document so you will find solutions for your lots of problems related to the platform.

Happy Fiverring! :green_heart:


Thank you so much dear. I really appreciate this.


You’re welcome! It’s my pleasure to help members. :slightly_smiling_face: