Talking to buyers from your own country


Hey guys,

Once in a while I get potential buyers from my country contacting me and writing to me in my native language (non-English, that is), and while my typing speed has increased to ~95wpm after conversing with people on Fiverr, in English, for 7 years, I just realized that whenever I have to write in my native language my speed decreases to something like 40wpm LOL.

Am I the only one finding it harder to write in my native language than it is in English? Am I becoming a native English writer? Will I forget my native language? :joy:

How many of you find it difficult to write to clients in non-English languages?


Luckily I don’t offer Gigs about writing… but I’m pretty sure the same would happen to me also…
However, when I talk, my accent became more of an “alien guttural moan”, according to my father… speaking Italian with a German accent should be funny to hear I suppose :unamused:
In any case, because I’ve always spoken Spanish with my mother, I’ve used to mix words in both languages my whole life :confounded: they are very similar languages. I bet for you it would be the same, after all Romanian is a Latin language…

Off Topic:
I remember once being in Bucharest, I had to translate from Italian to English at the business meetings… and at the end, we (the Italian side) ended speaking Neapolitan dialect with the Romanians… because they understood it better :smile:


I don’t have writing gigs either (although I wish I had), I was referring only to Fiverr inbox written conversations :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, I guess I wouldn’t be the only one experiencing this strange phenomenon…

Yep, the Italian/neapolitan dialects are easy for us to understand, but when someone starts talking Sicilian, boy that feels like Scottish, or even like that Liverpool accent! :smiley: We’d be like “did you just curse me?” :joy:


:smiley: Client and I had troubles getting a huge file to me, he suggested to send it via snail mail, revealing that he is from Germany. So I responded in German. Seeing how I now wrestle with my messages to him, I wish I’d just kept my mouth shut.
Also, for the past seven years, I’ve been speaking German only at home, mostly. And I constantly catch myself using - or wanting to use - an English idiom. Which frankly… sucks. I quite love my mother tongue.


Oh God, I’m living now in Ireland, and after 98% of time speaking in English only, I definitely start forgetting Romanian, or I feel extremely tempted to use and idiom, so I can relate to what you say))


Ha, I didn’t know you were speaking Romanian as well (I just saw where you’re from). But in your case it’s rather obvious: you speak 6 languages :smiley:


I just remember myself in high school being snobish af and using all the fancy words, and now I’m like… "aaaah, aaah yeah, sure " :smiley: