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Talking to buyers on social media after order is completed

I wanted to ask if I can contact with buyers on social after order related chat on Fiverr is done and order is completed. For example if one my friend from social media purchases order on Fiverr , we do all order related chat in there. Then can we start chatting back in social media?

CS Answer : No it’s in the violation of ToS.

Conclusion : So you can no longer contact with your friends on social media if they buy your Fiverr gig even if the order gets completed. Basically you have to lose your right to chat to your friends for sharing the gig on social media. (I don’t think it’s right)


I think its Okay if your buyer is allowing you to be connected outside fiverr.

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And i hope you remember who i am :roll_eyes:

Yea I do. I can no longer contact you on fiverr , idk why. Also Buyer already knows from me from social media , so idk what to do. Maybe wait for CS answer

I made another account bcoz my old account is been disabled by Fiver Team

Why? Did you break ToS?

If your account has been disabled you need to get permission from Customer Support to open a new account. If not your new account will be disabled also.


Lloyd I wanted to ask if you think that contacting on social media is allowed…after order is done.I am confused oof

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Contacting buyers anywhere outside fiverr is not allowed.

If you brought a client to fiverr from elsewhere (if it’s your actual friend or someone you worked with before on another platform or directly), it’s not like fiverr can demand you to stop all the communications on any other platforms. But I’d keep it to one platform. Ask them to either message you here or there. Because if you drop “as per our discussion on facebook” enough times, you’ll get banned eventually.


Only talk to them on fiverr.

After the order is completed. There is no point in chatting on Fiverr . So it’s ok to move on to Facebook with my friend ,do normal gossips and not discuss anything related to Fiverr over there right?


No it’s not ok. Only talk to them on fiverr.

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I know this is silly and while fiverr sort of encourages us to bring buyers from outside, they didn’t really think it through of how to act when, for instance, we bring a family member, an old business partner or a friend.

You can do whatever you want to do but if you communicate on multiple platforms, sooner or later someone will say: “as per our facebook chat yesterday” and it will get you banned.

If you consider your fiverr client “a friend” based on, like, 3-4 orders you worked on together, then there is no grey area at all. You are not permitted to do that, period. I can see that you try to talk yourself into it being a good, reasonable idea but Customer Support won’t care if they catch you.


This is Fiverr’s very simple rule


Well I guess then I won’t share the Fiverr gig with my family or friends then … I think it’s the best idea


And that’s a huge disadvantage. Because of that you have to force your friends and family to talk there even after your order is completed. For example You can’t even ask “what do you want to eat in dinner ,today” on messenger … we gotta use Fiverr to ask those stuff.

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It never once occurred to me to share my fiverr gig with my friends or family, to be honest with you.


Well actually I have a Discord server where more than thousands of people interact and host gaming events. If I share the gig with them and one of the member buys the gig , I will have to forever ignore that member on social media “discord” . That’s why I want a way around it.

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Did you explain your situation to CS in detail or did you word it in vague manner your post is worded? Maybe they’ll be more specific if you’re more specific with them.

Just probably don’t mention that you’ve been doing it the entire time if you’ve been doing it the entire time


Under no circumstances will CS ever say it’s ok. They can’t start making exceptions.

If you violate that rule just prepare to be banned from fiverr.

I’ve never asked or talked to friends and family about buying from me on fiverr. I can’t see any reason to do that.