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Talking to clients (Video Animation)

I just wanted to find out if once the Gig has started can I have a zoom call with the client? I would really need to talk to the client about their video project (discovery call). Most clients would expect this to make sure we are on the same page. Please advise


You’re probably best asking CS. I think calls are only allowed if it’s really required for the gig and the gig is set up for it (eg. if you ask for zoom info in the inbox you’d probably get flagged).

I wouldn’t do it for an animation gig unless you have confirmation from CS that it’s okay. You could get an account warning if they think it’s disallowed off-site contact.

edit: I expect for a video/animation gig that it’s only Pro verified sellers (or some of them) that they allow to make video calls with the client and probably not others. If you did want to do it you’d have to get permission from CS but I doubt it would be allowed for animation for a normal Fiverr seller.


I think for this kind of job, you probably need to find your way out of fiverr to get the video done


You need to not advise sellers to take work off of Fiverr. That can get a seller’s account restricted or even banned.



Ho! Thank you, I have actually forgotten. That will never happen again!


That was actually a mistake, Please never you try taking your customers out of fiver, okay?


Did you just call me a ho?



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I have been here since 2013 and have never taken any buyers off the platform, so if that “advice” was for me, no need to impart it. I have actually read the TOS on the site and in the forums (as I suggested you needed to review the forum rules from another one of your posts) and know how the site works.



:rofl: :rofl:
ho no no no no!

Just thanking you for calling my attention to that!

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Hello, I know that fiverr restricts you from talking to the customer in any third-party, however for your case I am pretty sure you can ask customer support, I think there’s a section on it on TOS but best would be to contact customer support, luckily enough fiverr CS reply quickly.

Not sure if this would work here for videos as the clients normally want to have a meeting voice chat or video sharing ideals and making sure we are on the same page.

Thank you, I will review the guidelines again!

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You could ask CS like I said but I doubt they’d allow it for animation. I think the Pro verified sellers (or some) might have a video function that’s a function on the Fiverr site (even if it uses some API to actually use another site).

Just do the best you can with the requirements section of the gig and ask any questions on the order page and attach things on the order page if you needed to check things with them. You could also use milestone orders where that would help (eg. if it was a big project split so that they needed to accept one delivery before moving onto the next stage). You could also ask them questions in the inbox before they order to ensure there’s no issue (as long as it’s not something that can only be given in the order page).

Basically it’s best to read the Fiverr Terms of Service page and do what it says is allowed there.