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Talking to local customer in other language than English

Hello community!

If I have set up multiple languages in my profile, can some local customer talk to me in other language than English (other language set up)?

Also, what happens if come local user also writes a feedback in other language than English?

Thank you all in advance!

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Customers can talk to you in other languages, and they can also write their feedback/review in that language as well. However, it will not auto-translate for other buyers to see.

So, if your customer writes their review in German, then you will simply have a review that is all in German, and the people that do not speak that language will not be able to understand it (unless they translate it themselves).

I have a review in French on my mainly English profile, for reference.


The only advice I would give is to write custom orders and delivery messages in both english and whichever other language you’ve been communicating with your buyer.

This way if the order ever goes to arbitration it could be easier for the staff to understand what’s going on.


Thank you for your answer, now it’s clear to me!

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I was thinking about how staff will see our conversation if it’s not in English. Thank you for your response!