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it would be but atleast I am better than this

“hi how r u thx for kontakting mee abaut dis. i havve redd ur instruktions and chure i will read it”

Why grammar is super important for us sellers

Alright, then… Congratulations. You have slightly better bad grammar than someone with really bad grammar. :roll_eyes:


whatever man you love to criticize me always.


Not at all. I’m not criticizing, I am merely pointing out the irony of your claims. You claimed that, “mostly unprofessional individuals on fiverr got very bad communication skills”, and yet, you are trying to promote yourself as a professional seller in Fiverr… and you have bad communication skills.

Own your errors. Don’t blame others for pointing out the irony of what you say. :wink:


I don’t need to argue you man but the thing is we were discussing
"hi how r u thx for kontakting mee abaut dis. i havve redd ur instruktions and chure i will read it"
this grammar and its not just me who replied there are many other you haven’t pointed out someone else but me and in my last post you guys behaved like i am doing a crime and now pointing me again i don’t need to show you my profession I don’t care of it i just know i am doing it very well than many others and i am sorry to say but your behavior is very insulting


I don’t recall anyone saying – or implying – that you had committed a crime.

Hmm. Another example of bad grammar.

Apology accepted.


here are the details of conversation beside me there are many other errors if I reply them like

you have pointed out no one but me that is the only reason I am arguing you I am sorry for that but nobody is perfect.
Anyways have a good weekend !!:wink:



You as well.


@jonbaas is not insulting you.

He is just pointing out the fact that the grammar of your answers is not very good.
I’m aware that proofreading and editing in a given amount of time is different from giving an answer on the fly, but a forum does not require to answer in seconds.
Discourse, in particular, allows to edit an already posted answer.

Be aware that the style of your answers qualifies you.


“Feedback is the breakfast of a champion” - Therefore, all feedback that you get will come in handy. You should not be getting emotional when you get a negative critic.



I’m here because of the title. Too funny! :smiley:

Carry on. :pineapple: