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Tangent Re: Gender, Moved to Separate Discussion


Really! Your are honored being women by fievrr! You should thank Fievrr first! Without fievrr help nothing is possible here. I hope you understand!

Hi, i'm level seller and didn't get any order from 6 months.whats wrong? :slightly_frowning_face:

No - I really don’t understand - what does gender have to do with being on Fiverr?

Many people wouldn’t agree - particularly those who sing, dance and draw etc.

Everyone’s equally important on Fiverr.

Good luck to the OP! :sunny:


ok. All the women are soft and beautiful and they need earlier recognition scientifically unlike men who can starve and live in streets too. ok. Then please listen! Myu subject is like chinese or the language many doesn’t know! If you dont know chinese((body science and food elements interaction in our system). Sorry! This is the need of the hour. Who knows or something can only sing or dance or anything to do. Hence my subject than any other subject in this world. My subject is unknown language to many because most of the educated are scientifically illiterates who doesn’t know what they eat and the elements that make food. Without food you die for the matter anybody! Food as direct relation to what you think, talk and do! If you understood anything then i am happy or else it may take another 1 or more even 10 years for you to understand my subject but you complain about your health issues everyday to your own kin and kith and blame others. Learning is life! That too learning origin of the causes! This world is filled with superficial specialists hence we are out! It means we are approachable to only handful of people! ok! Take care!


You dont know my subject. It is (body science and food elements interaction in our system) hence you said that! Food and its role is important than singing without food!. I mean you naturally have good food or you have to take good food and if you know their interaction with your singing or dancing or anything. How it will be! If you got my subject. Im happy. Or else you understand when you get old. Please note. This world is filled with superficial specialists; hence full of illusions. The origin of any issues only few seeks! Take care!


Think I’ve entered the Twilight Zone by mistake - bye! :grinning:


Hello Cashwriter! Food Science is Your topic… Is it your new project ? I guess


No. It is not food science. It is food and body science dear!


You’ve captured my attention.

Body science and food elements are a fascinating topic. I’m into science on a much deeper level than most people.


keep trying and make life interesting. Remember the life. Its only once and nothing to + or -.What you are; you are!Love it!


Good! I welcome you! My integration of body and food is my own art of science having literature support.


ohh that is awesome…relationship of our body and food what we have in a day




Are you saying women can’t starve and live in the streets?! Of course we can, just as good as any man can! :angry:


Do you realize how silly that sounds? “Women can be just as poor and homeless as men.” Yaaay! :expressionless: [There are some things/statements you should just ignore.]


Men shouldn’t talk about women being unable to do things like men can even if it’s something negative. It’s like saying someone from [name a country] can’t do what someone from [name another country] can.

@writer99025 and you don’t think this sounds silly?


Everything is not about male vs. female. The only woman in my life is my mother, I cannot imagine anything negative happening to her, or any sort of hardship occurring to her. That would be unbearable for me. I can handle any suffering myself, but cannot bear anything like that happening to my mother. Yes, from my perspective, I think men can handle poverty, hardships and difficulties and women should be protected from that at all cost. That is our duty as men to protect women from any hardship or negativity. It is the basic nature of men to be protectors and providers.


And I feel the opposite. I know women can handle hardships, difficulties, and poverty and they can and do protect men from these things probably more frequently than the other way around. But the fact that we are even discussing this is not politically correct and it’s time that people recognized that.


Again, it’s not about men vs. women. It’s not some competition.When my father was around, he protected my mother from the harsh realities of the world, and after his death, I have protected her. It is our duty as men to be protectors and providers. If I had a wife or daughter, I would do the same for them.


They why was it even mentioned in the first place? It is not polite nor enlightened in the year 2017 to bring up differences in abilities in the genders.


I think most women would prefer to have a husband/father/son who protects and provides for them rather than someone who says, okay, this is 2017, there is no difference between the genders, you are on your own, so protect and provide for yourself.