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Tangential Learning - A Discobot Inspired Challenge/Game!

If you’ve read the letter “Greetings!” from discobot, and completed the first action, you’ll be given three wikipedia article links. While the tutorial is just teaching forum mechanics, if you follow the links, you’ll be met with three interesting articles! I propose a poll game. Pick three interesting, unrelated Wikipedia articles and make a poll with the three options.

The goal of the challenge is to have, as votes come in, all three linked articles garner about the same amount of interest! If, after 30 votes, the three options have about the same number of votes (33-33-33 to 30-30-40) you win the challenge!

I’ll go first:
Which of these three articles do you find most interesting?

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(How-to instructions in second post.)


  • They must be wikipedia links.
  • You can make new polls, but your previous poll must have reached at least 15 votes.
  • You do not need to construct your poll in this exact format, but you must provide the links (alternate examples in second post).
  • Must follow forum rules and community guidelines.
  • Avoid sensitive topics: this is meant to be educational, yes, but also fun.
**How-to Poll**

If you haven’t taken the discobot tutorial, here’s quick rundown:
Click the gear in the post option and select ‘poll’.


Paste the three articles, each on a separate line.

If you [Insert Poll] without all the options, you can build it manually with asterisks and spaces, each on a separate line. (Note that the [‘poll’ and ‘/poll’] are also on separate lines.)



Additional suggested rule: No persons currently living, and no events from the last 30 years.

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Our friend :robot: would approve. :smiley:

I’ll play, hopefully, I do it right.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Choose which Wikipedia article you find most intriguing. :sunglasses:
Votes are anonymous.

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Whoo! Those are indeed all interesting! Thank you for joining the challange!

And LONG :crazy_face:. If this game manages to ‘play out’ I think I’ll have to add ‘article must not be longer than 6 pages of text’ to the rules! Like… “Ankylosauridae, papyrus, and Terpsichore”

(I picked paper. :newspaper:)


It’s definitely a learning and educational experience.
It’s different, from the same ole, same ole on the forum. If ya know what I mean. :wink:

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Indeed! That’s why I already have the next three topics I want to share selected!

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I promised I’d play, so here goes. :slight_smile:


Creepy topics are creepy. But also interesting, in a creepy way.

I suppose if the game picks up a following I can further increase the number of votes needed to make a new poll, but I guess I’ll say 10 votes for now.

Which topic do you find most intriguing?

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