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Target $1k

I am new at fiverr but i am very optimistic that i will be earning an average of $1k per month. Is this achievable or this is just a big dream?

A pretty ambitious target. But not an impossible one. Competition is fierce on Fiverr and you will have to deliver exceptional content to get to that point. Or have a completely new, brilliant and niche idea that can capture the attention of the buyers.

Many sellers make 1k or much more.

It is probably not possible using a fake profile, though. A photo taken from a hairstyle site and then used as profile + gig images is a big giveaway. What you offer in your essay gig alone is very difficult to do even for an accomplished native English speaker. If you could still actually do that gig and the others, those areas are not unique and are highly competitive. Sorry to be absolutely blunt but that’s my opinion.

Thanks for the encouragement Shounak. I will do my best as nothing is impossible

Thank you for your opinion

I hope you will success in fiverr, if you are do a professional work, best of luck in fiverr.

That’s very high target as newbie. You need to go slowly step by step to develop yourself. Also goal set up is very important to achieve target.

If you’re going to succeed as a writer on Fiverr, then you need to start by editing and formatting your gig. Your gig description includes multiple spelling and formatting errors, and the phrasing of your sentences is a give-away to native English speakers that English is either your second language or you just don’t speak English very well.

Still, having said that, grossing $1k a month isn’t impossible. I started in February of last year, and in January of this year for the first time I grossed over $1k USD. The bulk of my business comes from repeat clients, and chances are, it’ll be the same for you. But you’ll never get the repeat clients you need if your gig description is filled with dead give-aways that you’re not a native English speaker.

Thanks James. Your story is very encouraging. I will edit and format my gigs

Thanks jemy

Welcome in Fiverr for make extra income. Go ahead! There have no impossible in world

Offering a service on Fiverr is a lot like running your own business.

As others have suggested, I would highly recommend proofreading your gigs and finding different images to use. You want your gig to stand out in the crowd. Having spelling mistakes and a fake photo isn’t going to get you very far.

In order to achieve your goal, you are going to have to work very hard. Make sure that you treat every client with respect, deliver their orders on time and listen to their suggestions or criticisms.

It was very smart of you to create multiple gigs in a variety of categories. That way, you can find out which type of service you enjoy the most and perhaps expand on that in the future.

I have been offering services on Fiverr for over two years and started earning over $1,000 monthly after about 6 months. I would be lying if I said it was easy.

Treat Fiverr like it’s your career and I have no doubt that you can hit your goals in the future.

Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:

I feel that in any business honesty is key.
On a long term basis it becomes crucial and anything less will lead to failure.
Doing an image search on your profile image shows me that you took that image from a teenager hairstyle blog about 12 cute hairstyles.

The great thing about writing gigs is they often attract repeat customers.

When I was still working with my partner on Fiverr, we turned $1k a month without much sweat.

Take on board the advice given in this thread and you have a good chance of achieving your goal. :slight_smile:

2x1000 word articles for $5? That’s pretty crazy! However it might get you your levels quickly and then you can charge better prices. $5 doesn’t go far in London…

Thanks Dear

Thanks. This is very helpful

Thanks Emmaki

I have earned $150 in sales in just 24 days, i will soon hit my target of $1000 per month

We have the same goals before but I change it to 100 for 1 month. 1k will just pop my brains out because I am working as an Assistant in office and have to even include fiverr is so hard. But because you said it. Then go for it. For me, I prefer to include God for this impossible mission of achieving 100 reviews for a month. Because God can make impossible into possible and hopefully you are not an athiest(in case to refrain from offense). hehehehehe, Anyhow. Good luck to both of us :slight_smile:

A little piece of advice. As a professional woman making money. Don’t sale your soul into this soo much. remember, it’s 5$ only. I bit that you give time to rest time and relax and so on. I am not saying fiverr is bad for you but health first before fiverr. because 1k will be so much stressful especially when you are talking about essay or brain circulation gigs. just a concern fiverr mate here :wink: