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Targeted Email Lists

Provide targeted Email lists

Email marketing is now popular in this current business world. I will spider emails for you from a given URL or your keyword.That means you have some email address on a site and I will collect them for you. (Emails have to be visible as text on the site, like on guest books, contact-pages etc.!)

Why you hire me:

It’s perfect if you want to collect all email-address in a document or from a webpage to use it for marketing purposes or anything else.
I can’t collect other data such as name, gender without you send link profile page to me.Specific area by country only.
I will save the collected data as CSV or plain text - as you want!
But please note: I can only spider email address that are visible on the site, and I can separate them by country(If you request).

If you satisfied my gig please contract me in inbox.

All Email Active Guarantee!
All Email list is Real!