Targeting Buyer Requests


Wouldn’t it be nice if Buyer Requests were targeted, so that sellers saw mostly requested gigs that fit (somewhat) to their gig descriptions? What a lovely world that would be! :smiley:


It’d also be nice to see what the most searched for terms are… to get an idea of what the demand is vs supply (number of gigs out there that match search requests) and therefore you can then work out how competitive certain areas are… therefore sellers can fill in the gaps and more people will be get what they want!


Reply to @jake2828: I wonder if sellers would actually fill in the gaps or we’d get yet another 10,000 sellers offering SEO/Twitter followers/Facebook ‘likes’/sing any song like a donkey gigs. :wink:


That would be great! :open_mouth:

I am all for this suggestion. :slight_smile: Although, I don’t know if it would be easy to implement or not… but if it can be done, I think Fiverr should definitely consider it!


Reply to @arnevb: I don’t think that is what she means.