Tax cuts from gigs order?


Hi everyone i wanna ask something, i have some orders and then im confuse about the money that i got…

  1. When i got 5$ from once gig order the money cut for 1$ so i just gotta 4$ in my fiverr wallet

  2. When i got 125$ from five gigs order the money cut for 25$ so i just gotta 100$ in my fiverr wallet. Its cut 5$ every once gig

Im confuse about this tax cuts, could you tell me more information about this tax?


It’s not tax. If you read the Fiverr Terms of Service or other help articles on payment, you’ll find that Fiverr takes 20% of your pay as their commission. Fiverr isn’t free but they don’t take their cut until you get paid too. If the site was free, there would be no money to advertise for you, to hire developers to improve the site, etc. So, subtract 20% ($1 out of every $5) and you’ll have the correct calculation.


It is not tax cut. It is what fiverr, the site, gets. This is how this website earns money.


Fiverr basically takes 20% as their “commission” for providing the service/platform that allowed you to make money… It’s their “middle-man” fee basically.


thanks for your answer