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Tax Exempt Organization - Not Able to Remove Sales Tax

I’ve used Fiverr for the last few years and would love to continue using the platform, but the recent change to now allow tax exempt organizations (government organizations & non-profits) prevents me from using Fiverr at this time.

My organization, and most other tax exempt organizations in the United States, have purchasing policies which do not allow employees to make purchases that include sales tax charges. This is typically handled by the the tax exempt organization providing a Tax Exempt Letter to the business (Fiverr in this case). That letter would allow Fiverr to not charge sales tax on sales made to that business account.

I’m not sure why this ability was removed recently, but my organization will not be able to use Fiverr until that ability is restored. Please consider changing this policy so that we can begin to use Fiverr again.


This was posted 4 days ago. Is there anyone from Fiverr who can address this?

Any taxes charged by Fiverr will be forwarded to the relevant tax authorities. Fiverr is unable to accommodate user’s exemptions from state sales/use taxes on purchases; however, these can be claimed back from the local authorities (when applicable).

The above is from here:

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As someone who works for one of these taxing entities you are referring to, that is not factually correct. The correct process would be to provide a tax exempt letter to Fiverr and have them remove sales taxes from invoices before they were paid.

The reality is also that no one will go through the process of contacting multiple taxing agencies at the state and local level. They will simply have to use other platforms that are able to accommodate this request.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

There is a contact us button at the bottom of the article if you require further help.

Thanks for letting me know. The Contact Us process could also use some refinement as they simply provide the same link that you sent earlier.

Here is the link: for Customer Support.

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