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Tax Invoice

How can I get an invoice or statement for the gigs purchased. I use fiverr for coding help and would like to add them to my expenses. Thanks - :slight_smile:

You will need to speak to customer support and they should be able to provide you with a tax point invoice.

Very strange. I’ve been making requests for a tax point invoice with Customer Support for a couple of jobs I solicited months ago, and I’m not getting anywhere. My inquiry has been acknowledged by Customer Support, but nothing has happened and my follow ups have received no reply.

I’m sorry if they have not yet replied to your follow-ups. It takes some time for Fiverr Customer Support to reply to some requests.

You can try and check this link while you’re waiting for a reply from Customer Support, it may help.

I have the same problem: I requested for Tax Invoices 45 days ago, the customer support told me to wait some weeks, but I have NOT received anything. I subitted a new request, but I didn’t received any ANSWER at all!
In addition to that, in the past two months, I did some new orders, and no invoices received.

I think Fiverr is not taking seriously the Tax Invoices requests, I’m disappointed.

I’m still waiting for my invoices for over 3 months now …