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Taxes and how to file them


So I’ve recently made my $100 mark and I’m expecting a $150 gig coming up soon, and it sparked the question in my head:

What do I need to do about taxes? As a 15 year old I really have no clue. I’ve been searching about this and fiverr and j haven’t got anywhere. I know that the first £5000 you earn (I think) in the UK is tax free, so I’m not expecting to have to pay any taxes for a while, but I need to know what I should do about them.

If anyone here has experience is this, I’d be greatful if you enlighten me about it. I’m just getting worried that I’ll be fined but I’m hoping my age exempts me from certain things like that. Any links or information will be greaful, thanks!



Select your forum carefully before posting. This belongs in the chit chat forum or FAQ. When you do that, you’ll have better success in support from fellow Fiverr users.

As a minor you need to seek advise from tax experts and probably your parents, too.