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Taxes in India - Expand the tax base, reduce the taxes


(Indians will understand this)

Few points…

Very few people in India - 3% - pay taxes, and I am one of them.

I am charged at the highest slab of 30%.

This year, the Indian government plans to bring in more people in the tax net, at least 10% more of the population. That is good.

What they could do is to cut the taxes… 5% for those who make under 5 lakhs, 10% for those who make 5 to 10 lakhs, 15% for those who make over 10 lakhs. Those who make over 1 crore a year should be taxed at 25%.

Farmers are not taxed - I think rich farmers with income of over 10 lakhs a year should be taxed.

The linking of Aadhar to PAN will ensure that nobody escapes paying taxes, this is good.