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Taxes question?

Hi all, I really would like to start to sell on Fiverr and I tried to contact them with this question but I did not get an answer.
I am located in the US by the way.
I am wondering if sellers are responsible to collect and report sales taxes from customers or does Fiverr take care of this part?
I know that my own income I will be responsible to add it to my tax return.
But I am confused about the sales taxes part. If anyone lives in the US and sells on Fiverr please share. Thank you.


Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Taxes on Purchases).

Thanks for the reply. I find those pages confusing. I would rather someone share their own experiences. Some websites post one thing but their rules are different.

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In Canada, we have to generate a specific amount of revenue before we have to apply sales tax or a GST.

That level is far higher than your average home-based business would total.

As for income tax, I use one business account at my bank for all my freelance work (Fiverr is just one stream of freelance income for me).

So, at income tax time, I gather the 12 bank statements and include those in my other paperwork as they prove my freelance income amounts.

I let my H&R Block person figure out the rest.


Informative and need to know more regarding the issue.