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Teach you 10 How To Play Piano Lesson Tutorials for beginners plus BONUSES

Why should you buy this Gig? - Well, one good reason is the BONUS is for another TEN video lessons at no extra cost for a limited time only - 2 Gigs for the price of 1;:wink: Get it while it lasts!

Wish you knew how to play piano or keyboards? - Easily learn today at your own pace and in the convenience of your own home. Instant access.

These simple to follow easy video lessons assume no previous musical knowledge. You donโ€™t need to be able to read music.

All lessons by a Masters in Music degree level professional recital pianist and music teacher, with 25+ years experience teaching all ages and abilities, from complete beginners, to Diploma level pianists.

You do not need to be able to understand any musical theory in order to follow these lessons.

I can give you the tools to take you from complete Beginner to Intermediate level pianist in less than ONE MONTH, if you follow the complete series.

No boring endless repetitive practice- just IMMEDIATE RESULTS!

Satisfaction guaranteed. These first series of lesson videos are for complete beginners to early intermediate level pianists. Only One Gig for over 500Mb of lessons.

Act now! - Time Limited offer - Bonus videos included.

See my Gig extras for further Piano lessons series - Unbelievable value! ;:wink:

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