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Teaching English or Just Let Me Confirm?


At age 66 perhaps I’m too old to be chasing my software dreams and employing freelancers to assist me. I’m too old to like hearing babies crying, and I don’t like people asking me to confirm that I know what the heck I’m talking about when I submit a Gig Request.

Am I the only one who believes that Sellers don’t understand English Comprehension when they ask again and again to CONFIRM what has already been written in the job description? Should I also agree to “teach English”, or should I expect Sellers to understand what is written? Any constructive comments, recommendations or advice is appreciated.


Hello, it’s wonderful to hear from you! The internet is for all ages, and fiverr is for all who dream of bigger things for themselves.

This is the internet where you are talking to people of all education levels from lots of different countries. We have some cultures that for some reason do what you are describing, and some who don’t write or understand English well.

If it’s too much to deal with you can politely decline to work with a seller who can’t understand or communicate well in English. Here on fiverr, you aren’t just in English speaking countries and cultures, so you can choose those who are to work with if you like. It’s up to you.


Miss Crystal when I have feedback scores as high as yours are, I will look back to these days way way back in 2015 and laugh. Perhaps I can get you to cast a spell bringing me to accept without stress, those who require English assistance? I have 80+ successful buys and most of them were very difficult with Just Let Me Confirm questions. Your advice is well appreciated.