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Team account? a new option

any body tried the team account??
i am afraid of this because i think in this a little mistake can lead to you permanently ban of your account.
so if you are using this option please be careful
i want to know how many people has tested this option. if you tried this then share your experience with me/us

If you mean the new team account feature, that isn’t available to many people yet. I’m not sure how much it might expand. Right now it is not intended for use by sellers. It’s a feature for buyers who might have multiple business partners that want to use the same balance. it’s probably too new and too limited to find much feedback on it.


Thank you so much <3

nicely explained …

I joined last week in February this year, and on my first day I saw that team account (beta) there. Moreover, I used it for other reason, not working as a team. I did not get any phone verification alert, but weeks ago while I created a team and tried to transfer me to me some balance, it showed me to verify before sending any fund. I verified and deleted that team :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you for shearing this info

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