TEAM ACCOUNT feature usages for sellers


To those who don’t know about it, Fiverr had launched a team account feature before a month or so as an update to the site. I had made a topic about it here-

Though it is entirely for the Buyers here’s how you can use it as a seller -

Many of us sellers on Fiverr are both buyers as well as sellers. Sometime when withdrawing the funds we might be thinking of a way to withdraw only a part of it and withdraw the rest on a later time or to keep an amount for buying some gigs. Though there is no option/feature for it on Fiverr you can use the new Team Account feature for it.

Here’s how-

  1. Create a new Team Account from the settings.
  2. Don’t add anyone to this team.
  3. Add some funds that you would like to keep with you on Fiverr.
  4. Done!

Now you can withdraw the remaining amount and you will have some amount left with you on Fiverr that you can spend on buying/ re-transfer it to your main account.

I hope the community will find it useful. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer : I am in no way responsible for any type of problems that may arise by using this method. (Just for my protection. Lol)

Fiverr's new feature | TEAM ACCOUNT
Millions of FROUD SELLERS at fiverr?

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Its a great reply to @saddu_writer 's thread .


I guess It was a team work inside fiverr !