Team Fund on Fiverr


Now Fiver introduce a Team facility for buyer via this function buyer can create team if they have partnership business and can deposit fund phone verification is compulsory for this kind of Joint account minimum fund limit is $50 every member of team account can buy gig through this joint fund if you are buyer and have partnership business create your team account
How to Create Team account?
For creating a team account you just simply take your mouse cursor on Buying menu from menu bar a drop down list will be appear
in the last you can see the team account click on team account and follow the all steps
All fund can be added by Paypal and processing fee will be charged when you load your funds
For further detail and video procedure click on Team Account


I didn’t get it. What am I supposed to do with my cursor?


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simply click on Buying


What is the benefit of these team accounts? :thinking:


It is best for buyer who have partner the can share their funds on joint account and can buy gig


Same Here